Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2014

Shopping: Selea's World Landscaping - Decorations.

After I have visited "Landscaping - Botanical" on Selea's World Grid by Selea Core, it is time to report about the 2nd Landscaping themed shopping place made by Selea, the "Landscaping - Decorations".

Coming to the island you will see the familiar picture of the white flat artificial island in the middle of the virtual sea. The island is divided in sections, Modules as Selea calls them and this time it is 12 on the number.

So let's have a little sightseeing through each sector (the pictures will only show a selection not the whole offer).
Starting with the
Fountains on Module 1;

Module 2 with Flower Carts.

You want to fence in your garden, then Module 3 is the right place to visit.

What is a garden without the right garden planters, which you can take at Module 4. Ten different flowers in three different styles are available.

And to enjoy your garden build it needs a bench to rest at. No problem at Module 5 and the flowered garden benches.

You might look for rock scenes or pathways. Your whish come true at Module 6,

Module 7 offers bird's baths and flying seagulls and some more feathered.

Barrels with flowers and more at Module 8

Garden water wells with or without flowers see Module 9

When it comes to Garden Deco Panels and Mesh, see the Modules 10 and 11

And last but not least a black iron fence set that covers a 30 m x 30 m area at Module 12

A great place to make each gardener in you happy. Another fine place to look for quality design, made by Selea Core.

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