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Destination: The Spirit of Arcadia 5 Sea of Aley

One of the real valuable regions within "The Spirit of Arcadia" areas on the Sanctuary Grid is for sure the number 5, called "Sea of Aley". From above the surface of the water you won't see that much. Just the "Aley Sea Fortress", a beluga is jumping the water and a few ships bobing up and down.

The true treasure of the region is below the surface. All kind of water creatures populate the water.

Beware of the vortex.

All over the ground you will find all kind of buildings and ruins, one can use not only for undersea worlds.

I liked the old mer school

But the biggest attraction you will find down there on the ground of the sea is the underwater Fair "Seaview", with its "Aquatic Circus"....

and all kind of other fun.

Just be surprised what you will find there and never have expected in such an environment. My respect.
After the Undersea Fair, I visited the Fortress in the middle of the region which is, as all the other objects, copy/take enabled. A steampunk warship which reminiscent river ships used during the American Civil War is laying at anchor at the quay.

"The Sea of Aley" is a nice area, not only because of all the objects one can take, but truely for its undersea world build up in many details and the time one can spend to explore.

Sanctuary Grid, Region The Spirit of Arcadia 5 spirit of arcadia 5

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