Samstag, 20. Dezember 2014

Destination: Pandora Dixieland Band

It is not very much to see but what you see is a lot of fun and shows what is possible with the NPC.

Responsible for the set up and the creations of the instruments of the band is Endora Twinklens.

Composing the music especially for this unique band by Clifford Lee McPeek.

And teaching of scripting was done by Ferd Frederix.

And all these efforts to get those guys going and playing. And here they are, "The Greyville Dixieland Marching Band" with Clifford Trump, Clara Nettle, Gerry Saxophone, Johnny Sousaphone, Beatman BoomBoom and Snary Ratatat

The mesh music instruments made by Endora Twinklens are available as copy/take on the platform.

The instructions how to make a band (or make a NPC do what you want) by and for your own wishes, are displayed on a board as well as how to make the music box.

And do not forget to take a copy of the gift box next beside the stage. I will be of great help in creating an NPC.

A great installation which was presented from the "Nook Gang" on the OSCC 14 and now on the "Pandora" region on Nara's Nook Grid.
P.S.: Set the volume high on the sound, to hear the great music.

Nara's Nook Grid, Region Pandora / Dixieland Band
Teleport to DixieLand Band

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