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Shopping: OKC World 01

This time my travel took me to the Grid "Nebadon" managed by Nebadon Izumi. And there I visited the default arrival region "OKC World 01". From far away one can see a laguna in the middle of the hypersea with a blue glass tower in the middle, the "Oni Kenkon Creations Tower 1".

Landing in the tower you will find your Avatar within the building on height 142 m above virtual sea level. Two friendly looking golden lion statues will welcome you. A golden entrance with another lions face is open to enter the room behind.

Walking into the room and to the right you will see a lot of IT technics and mixing and cutting working places for musicians. All of it is copy/take enabled.

To the right of those places you'll see two animated models of different volcano types, which are ready to copy/take

Opposite to these showcases one can find all kinds of objects which might be of interest to set up on your own region or as means of transportation. Like the airworthy hover boards,

or the OKC Racer Kit able to drive.

Japanese painting collections

or animated gifs, pillars or sculpt maps.

That is just a small collection I showed but there is much more on this level, one can purchase

The adjacent room is a showcase of the objects you can get and what is possible to do with.

To get to the next higher level you have to take the stairs up in the middle of the building. Actually it is four stairways, then go to the side and two steps down to the next room on the side. There you will find individual models of sculpties. By clicking on the sculpty you will get it.

Another four stairways higher different kind of mesh trees are exhibited. And yes they are to copy/take, too.

Don't miss the vehicles above.....

....and above.

Now I have reached the top, but because I started in the middle of the building, I wanted to examine the lower levels,too.
One level down of the arrival point, you find building parts and all kinds of fruit and vegetable crates.

As well as furniture, office equipment and textures

With the next level down there are some statues to copy/take

Between the furniture and the figurines level is an auditorium for whatever purpose.

And on ground floor you get skins and clothing you can select from. Click on the vendor to get a preview of the outfit on a rezzing NPC .

Are you on the search for shoes ?

You can find stuff on "OKC World 01" you haven't seen anywhere else. So take your time when teleporting to the "Nebadon" grid

Nebadon Grid, Region OKC World 01 world 01

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