Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2014

A Happy New Year

You all stay healthy, curious, creative and full of love and happiness.

Destination: The Spirit of Arcadia 5 Sea of Aley

One of the real valuable regions within "The Spirit of Arcadia" areas on the Sanctuary Grid is for sure the number 5, called "Sea of Aley". From above the surface of the water you won't see that much. Just the "Aley Sea Fortress", a beluga is jumping the water and a few ships bobing up and down.

The true treasure of the region is below the surface. All kind of water creatures populate the water.

Beware of the vortex.

All over the ground you will find all kind of buildings and ruins, one can use not only for undersea worlds.

I liked the old mer school

But the biggest attraction you will find down there on the ground of the sea is the underwater Fair "Seaview", with its "Aquatic Circus"....

and all kind of other fun.

Just be surprised what you will find there and never have expected in such an environment. My respect.
After the Undersea Fair, I visited the Fortress in the middle of the region which is, as all the other objects, copy/take enabled. A steampunk warship which reminiscent river ships used during the American Civil War is laying at anchor at the quay.

"The Sea of Aley" is a nice area, not only because of all the objects one can take, but truely for its undersea world build up in many details and the time one can spend to explore.

Sanctuary Grid, Region The Spirit of Arcadia 5 spirit of arcadia 5

Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2014

Shopping: Aqua Fantasia

If your idea is to set up an aquatic region with underwater scenery, then one of the number 1 addresses to get objects for this task is "Aqua Fantasia", a freebie area made by Selea Core on her Grid Selea's World.

The setup of the region is like all the others made by Selea, so it is easy to find the orientation. In the middle, you find the teleport board to each of the 10 modules.

And let me start with the number one, which offers Underwater Sceneries.

Module 2 for linked fish swarms, rays, sea lions and turtles.

Underwater grass patches of all kinds on Module 3.

Module 4 shows duck weed, frog bits and more.

Watergardens and flexi water lilies in number 5 Module.

Bubbles on Module 6 as well as Off Sim ogjects, wave kits and waterfalls.

Walls with raged edges columns and more to be purchased on Module 7 (not only to be used for underwater purpose).

Looking for seashells, have a look at Module 8.

On Modules 9 you find walled arches.

And Module 10 contains flexi coral reefs and bushes.

Again Selea offers a nice and high quality selection for the use in your fantasy buildings, and all for free. And it needs not only to be an underworld scenery to make use of some of the items.

Selea's World Grid, Region Aqua Fantasia fantasia

Montag, 29. Dezember 2014

Silas Scarborough Live at the "BluesFabrik"

A regular artist at "Cat's Music Circus" of Cat Bucher in SL and after a longer abscence in Open Worlds, he now comes back to the "BluesFabrik" on Dorena's World Grid. Experimental Rock and Blues Musician:

Silas Scarborough

Saturday, January 03rd, 2015
21:00 CET
12 pm pst
Dorena's World Grid
Region Beeblebrox
Venue BluesFabrik

Dorena's World Grid, Region Beeblebrox

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Destination: Falene

When I came to "Falene", I met the Grid owners Miranda and Vladimir Djannovic. But we couldn't talk to each other because of the language problems, with me not speaking French and them not speaking either English nor German. And the translators on hand went out of quota. So with the help of Max and Jeff who came over from the Ignis Fatuus Grid,   we managed to have a little conversation.Thanks for that !
So if you like to talk to the Grid owners you better speak Freanch or have a working translator on hand. ;-)
You might ask on which Grid I was ? "Virtual Dream" it is. And the region is "Falene", managed by Falene Hawks, who I met later on my travel and who does speak english..
The region is a mixed themed region with pirate, medieval and fantasy influences.

The region is still under construction but already worth a visit. After the hassle with the communication I started my travel at the harbor area.

From the quay you enter a marketplace, where it seems that the time is frozen. Many people are to be seen but they are all figurines even so they keep the scenery lively.

The houses surrounding the market place are pretty cute buildings.

And what makes the area even more attractive is the fact, that almost everything one can see is copy / take enabled (even the buildings).
So, you find a little boutique with boxes containing textures and other interesting stuff.

It's really a good thing to have a look in each of the house. A sign on one of the houses says: "Vers la mine" which means "Way to the mine" which I followed.

This area seemed not to be ready and still work to be done but already there is something to be seen, like what I identified as an old weaponry or blacksmith.

And have a look at the fantasy mill "Moulin Roucher".

Back at the market place, booths offer cheese rolls, weapons and other kinds of goods.

The small village is bounded by an old town wall at its eastern border and on its outside you find some tents used by the knights at their tournamentsto have a rest or store their weapons when not needed.

And beyond a little fishing shack the fantasy landscape starts with fog, dragons, goblins and other mysteries.

As mentioned before the region is still under construction but worth a travel. And it is an advantage to speak French. Anyway Vladimir and Miranda will be happy about any visitor from all over the planet. And so is Falene on her regions.
If you looking for some special things you need, here is the place you may find it.

Virtual Dream Grid, Region Falene