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Destination: Dragons' Teeth I

I started on the northeastern corner of the region within a sphere. The sphere is translucent and you can see a platform with three wooden columns, each carrying two Nepalese prayer mills. Clicking on each will turn it by a quarter of a circle forth or back. I do not know if you have to get all of them in a certain pattern that something will happen. I tried but with no success.

Oh excuse me, you might ask, where I am. This time I traveled to the Kitely Grid again and there I wrote the name "Dragons' Teeth" in the search input field . The region is made by Paislee Myrtle, one of the members of the Devokian storyteller people.
And I am very excited, what to see and experience on this island.

I started my journey on the northeastern corner with the aim to surround it counter clockwise. After exploring the sphere, I turned westwards along the northern border walking through a valley covered in a mysterious green light. With the sound on you can hear birds singing.

I climbed up one of the mountains and from its top I had a view to the other mountain peaks. One is carrying a lighthouse and two other towers with an open fire on top. Some odd electrical green light cloud is covering parts of the top.

On the adjacent mountain a big castle towers over the region

A natural rock bridge gives me the way to the towers and the lighthouse. Right in the middle of this crossover one finds a wooden medieval bench from where you have a good look to the castle.

Being on top of this mountain, I could see a lake in the crater with an opening towards southeast and the water falling down between two smaller build towers. I also recognized more towers with the open fire on top and the odd green northern light like phenomena connecting each of the towers.

The lighthouse is a bit off of this, but easy to be reached. It is open and a circular staircase leads to the top.

I haven't counted the stairs, nor the turns, but it is quite a few I can tell. A circulating two light beam system on top lights out the dark atmospheric windlight setting of the region. And the surrounding windows may need a bit of cleaning (my opinion).

To get further to the castle from the lighthouse, the way was not easy and I had to climb down the mountain to come to a wall with an entrance. But before I took that way, I recognized a cave hole opposite of it.

A hemispheric building covers a small lake and a little toad is relaxing on one of the wooden pillars. And it has an important note for you !

With this personal information by the toad, I continued to the castle, trying to find an entrance.
Surrounding the castle, I passed a rooster and his hens of the harem. And from there I had a view onto another building.

But with this view, I will end with my first part of "Dragon's Teeth" made by Paislee Myrtle. If you want to know more about, you either wait on my next part of the story or (which I recommend) pack your hyperverse backpack and jump over. It's only a few clicks away.

Kitely Grid, Region Dragons' Teeth' teeth

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