Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

Exhibition Opening "Musicians" by Jorink Devin

Jorink Devin, a Dutch painter whose paintings are in between abstract and representationally, will show parts of his works on an exhibition at Dorena's World Grid on the Region "Beeblebrox". His main motives are to be found around music themes and his favorite color is red
The exhibition will be open from Dec 13th, 2014 until Jan 18th, 2015.
For the Vernissage at Dec 13th, 2014 Madmax Huet will be welcomed to set the exhibition in the right acoustics.

Exhibition Jorink Devin
Dec 13th, 2014 - Jan 18th, 2015

Vernissage Dec 13th, 2014
20:30 CET, 11.30 am pst

Special Guest
Madmax Huet
21:00 CET, 12 pm pst

Dorena's World Grid
Region Beeblebrox
Parcel Maximegalon

Dorena's World Grid, Region Beeblebrox

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