Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

Destination: Dragons' Teeth III

Here I am, inside the castle, eye to eye with a dragons head reaching out the wall. Lucky the head is of stone. Some mystic light spending fire is hovering below the head.

Steps to my right, lead deeper and higher in the building. At the end of the stairs a corridor continues and from there one finds a way in a big hall with an enormous wooden ceiling light and a round table in the middle. Fourteen chairs are positioned around the table.
May that be something like "King Arthur's Table Round" ? Who knows.

Two small library furnitures with a few chairs aside is part of the interior in the hall. On one of the round shelves one can read the name "Dragonsong", while the other reads "Rider Journal"

Back in the corridor, behind a bar secured entrance guarded by two knight statues, the stairs continue.

Walking along another corridor on the higher level, an opening in the outer wall gives way to a balcony. Looks like people observe the closer surrounding. Two antique looking telescopes are indicating this.

The next door on the outer wall gives way to another balcony and a stairway up a side tower.
After taking that way I end up in a classroom. Seems they have dragon science on the schedule.

At the end of another stairway I reached the top of the towering castle and the sleeping room of the pupils of this dragon study residential college.

From here I went all the way down to the basement.
Passing the entrance to the other side of the building I found the cantina, the kitchen, the rest room for the kitchen personal, the washhouse and some other storage rooms.

With this my story ends about "Dragons' Teeth". There is more to see, like the three waterfalls or the small island in the middle of the region in a lake, but I want to leave a bit for you to discover. And if this region host a secret.......well........
Tipping my hat to Paislee Myrtle for this great looking piece in the OpenSim World.

Kitely Grid, Region Dragons' Teeth' teeth

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