Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

Destination: Mont Gordo (Hide out, Sewer and Skylands)

When I visited "Monte Gordo" again for another report, I figured that ,with being at that Jamaican spot, I had been at the "trench to" region already. So my TP destination was the "hide out" area.
Another fine grungy area, people have arranged to live at (Unfortunately it seems not to be that much fiction as the reality shows nowadays).
Most you can see is copy/take enabled, and what it is, I will try to show in a few pictures:

Don't ask me how this WW2 Aircraft made it in the underground.
My next tp destination on Monte Gordo was "the sewer(s)" to see some more of the dirt and grunge. And I was right. Good thing the virtual worlds viewer do not transmit the smell. And excuse me that I do not write that much about it but show some pictures.

But that should it be with dirty and smell and grunge for now and I tp'ed to the "Skylands" with the giant metal scorpion and the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The modern bungalow.....

....and other nice items.

And whoever thinks that "Rosetta" was the first spacevehicle landing on a comet, never have been in a virtual world before.

I will say "adieu" now to "Monte Gordo", a great region made by "Virtualchristine". And with all that Arcadia Asylum, my next travels will aim to "The Spirit of Arcadia" with all its regions. Take care and stay sober ;-)

Craft World Grid, Region Monte Gordo gordo

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