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Shopping: Emerald Alley

To get to "Emerald Alley" you have to go to the Metropolis Grid and there to "Augurey Peak" region. The region is build by Jamie Wright.

You will land close to a sign pole with different landmarks on the region and an additional sign to get a landmark to "Emerald Alley Holiday Market".

I clicked on the sign, got the landmark and traveled. After the teleport, I found myself in 3000 m height on the region "Augurey Peak" in an old industrial area in the middle of a market.

The first shop I visited was a "Charmed Confisserie", as the label above the window said. There you will find all kinds of candy, icecream and lollipops to copy/take.

In the next door library, one can get a book to hold.

"Willowbend Wands" offers.....wands, of course.

Flying brooms, a racing broom and sporty T-shirts to be found at "O'Mearain's Magical Sporting Goods".

For a rest and a pint of ale take a seat at the "The Wailing Banshee". Newspapers are produced at "The Irish Warlock's Tribune". If you are looking for an old vintage newspaper press, have a look inside the latter.

In the need of magic potion, lotions, powders or liquids have a peak into "Clara's Cauldrons". Yes cauldrons are also offered.

I am not going to tell or shoot a photo of the secret distillery on second floor of "Ports of Call".

The four booths in the middle of the square offer potted pointsetta flowers (Christmas Flowers), jewelery (necklaces with different mystical amulets), caps, a cloak and food, like marmelades, biscottis, brownies etc.

There is no way out of this little market spot and so I will stay in it; also with the posting. The market is a nice spot well done by Jamie Wright. I bet you will find something for your needs or as a gift for others. A good thing is, not only the goods can be purchased but a lot of the items you can see, you can copy take. And check out the little apartment in the back of one of the archways.

Metropolis Grid, Region Augurey Peak, Emerald Alley Peak
Teleport to Emerald Alley

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