Sonntag, 30. November 2014

Kulturschaukel: Vom Himmel hoch, da kommt nix mehr

Das Ensemble der "Kulturschaukel" hat sich ein wenig Gedanken gemacht über die Adventszeit und das Weihnachtsfest. Was dabei herausgekommen ist, könnt ihr in der neuen Theateraufführung "Vom Himmel hoch, da kommt nix mehr" miterleben.

In 9 Sketchen zeigen Lampithaler Timelost, Ichimomo Nakamura, Rubeus Helgerud und zaphod Enoch ihre Sichtweisen auf die besinnliche Zeit.

Ensemble "Kulturschaukel"
"Vom Himmel hoch, da kommt nix mehr"
6. Dezember 2014
20:30 Uhr, 11.30 pm pst
Dorena's World Grid
Region Beeblebrox
Parzelle Theater Kulturschaukel

Dorena's World Grid, Region Beeblebrox

Rubeus liest zur Adventszeit

Advent ist die richtige Zeit um besinnliche, fröhliche und lustige Weihnachtsgeschichten zu erzählen.
Zu Weihnachtsgebäck und heissem Tee oder Glühwein serviert Rubeus Helgerud von nun an, an jedem Adventssonntag, eine kleine Auswahl dieser Geschichten im Märchenzelt auf Dorena's World Grid.

Weihnachtsgeschichten mit Rubeus Helgerud
30. November 2014
20:00 Uhr CET, 11 am pst
Dorena's World Grid
Region Weihnachtsmarkt

Dorenas World Grid, Region Weihnachtsmarkt

Samstag, 29. November 2014

Destination: Continent Christmas Way

A Christmas Market I found on the "Franco Grid" is the "Continent_Christmas-Way" build up by Freddy Wright

The landing place is on the platform of the Polar Express on the train station of Bakersville as it was in 1900.

Here you can find the way directly to the market of the village square or take the road through the village.

Market boothes with seasonal items surround an open air ice skating rink.

From the market I took a walk though the roads of the village which is a nice work with quite some atmosphere. For the lover of historical cars you will find some good ones in the streets free to copy and take.

Unfortunately most of the shops and houses are empty. which really is a shame for this well build environment. Maybe the one or another creator or trades(wo)men is looking for a nice place to offer their goodies. I think you should get in contact with Freddy Wright. I am sure he loves to have some live in the streets of Bakerville and that not only during the time of Christmas.

Franco Grid, Region Continent Christmas Way

Adventszeit auf Dorena's World

Weihnachten klopft an die Türen und die heimelige Adventszeit beginnt. Die Strassen der Städte werden mit Lichtern und weihnachtlicher Dekoration geschmückt. So geschieht es auch auf der Region "Weihnachtsmarkt" auf Dorena's World.
Dort haben die Einwohner, unter anderen Klarabella Karamell, Keve Magic, Try Etzel, einen Weihnachtsmarkt hingezaubert mit Weihnachtsbuden, Karussellen, Schnee und, und, und.
Und damit es auch eine weihnachtliche Stimmung hat, gibt es auch ein Programm für die Adventszeit. Und dazu laden wir das ganze Hypergrid herzlich ein.

Was Euch da erwartet dieses Wochenende und am 2.12.:

29. 11.21:00 UhrDilah Halostar Live auf der Marktbühne
30. 1120:00 UhrRubeus Helgerud Adventslesung im Märchenzelt
02. 12.20:30 UhrVernissage Lampithaler "Egomanie", Musik Gast: Tim Anadyr ab 21 Uhr
Region Beeblebrox

Die Veranstaltungen finden, wenn nicht anders angegeben alle auf der Region "Weihnachtsmarkt" statt. Und für die sportlich ambitionierten unter Euch bietet die Region "Winterregion" Ski - und Rodelabfahrten, sowie ein zugefrorener See zum Schlittschuh laufen an.

Viel Spass wünscht das gesamte
Dorena's World Team 

Dorena's World Grid, Region Weihnachtsmarkt

Dilah Halostar live at the Christmas Market on Dorenas World

For the opening of the Holiday Season and the "Weihnachtsmarkt" on Dorenas World Grid, we are happy to show a live music performance and welcome a great person on a small stage

Dilah Halostar
Dilah Halostar Live on Stage
November 29th
21:00 CET, 12 pm pst
Dorenas World
Region Weihnachtsmarkt
Dorenas World Grid, Region Weihnachstmarkt

Freitag, 28. November 2014

Vernissage und Ausstellung "Egomanie" von Lampithaler Timelost

Das Selbstbezogenheit auch ihre zwei Seiten hat, dass zeigt uns Lampithaler Timelost in ihrer Ausstellung

"Egomanie" by Lampithaler Timelost

Ausstellung von 02.12. - 28.12.2014
Vernissage 02.12.2014, 20:30 CET 11.30 am pst
Musical Guest
Tim Anadyr
21:00 CET 12.00 pm pst
Dorena's World Grid
Region Beeblebrox

Dorena's World Grid, Region Beeblebrox

Destination: Haunted Winterland

As I have written in an earlier article I will try to introduce a few of the many Winter Wonderlands which are made within the OpenSim communities. I, for sure, will not get 'em all but a few. One very special I found is on the grid "Insula Aeternum" by Seya and Kai Devin. The region is murderous cold, virgin white and bloody red and is called "Haunted Winterland 2014".

Actually it is a smaller island on a deep frozen(!) thin iced (!) lake. But more of that later.
Arriving at "Haunted Winterland", you find yourself in a snowy gazebo with a very special seasonal decoration.

From here, a stairway leads to an archway of trees and further to a summer greenhouse which now is covered by ice and snow and spread over a small frozen lake on the island.

But a windmill and a watermill to my left caught my attention and I walked in this direction first.
To get there, I crossed another frozen lake, said "Hello" to a not so good looking guy resting (?!) in the snow.

The windmill itself was not of a big attraction but the shack beside holds a nice little scenery.

What one will discover in the watermill, I can't show because this is nothing for the faint-hearted. just a peak.

On my walk around the island, I saw Santa using an odd vehicle for travelling and bringing the X-mas goodies.

We all know snowmen but drag snow queens ?? (x-rated !)

Hope it is not too cold down there, Sir !!

Oops, what was that sound, oh oh the ice cracks.............ah........sorry.......aeh.....have to stop

Insula Aeternum Grid, Region Partyinsel

Donnerstag, 27. November 2014

Destination: Dar Pha

South of "Angmar" one will find a big structure sitting in the middle of the sea, "Dar Pha". Nobody knows you has build it but it is assumed the Mayan may have done it.

The structure is a stone building with a tall slim tower in the middle, connected to four smaller towers via odd looking viaducts.

To reach the building a long bridge is build from the shore to "Angmar" to the basement.

The basement is a big pond. On four sides water fells a great height into that pond.

Knowing th builders of Ignis Fatuus and their buildings, I jumped in the water outside the pool, and yes the structure continues underwater.

Archimedes' screw pumps transport the water to the tops of the tall towers in the middle of the viaducts from where it falls on its inner parts in a basin at the top of the middle tower. A big screw then leads the water to the waterfalls.

There is another level above the basin, from where one can reach the tops of the towers, build in the viaduct.

Being up there, find a red diamond and click it and be surprised ;-)
Lucky I am, I met an inhabitant who told me that it is assumed that "Dar Pha" is a structure, build to control tides and waves. But nobody knows what kind of culture has build it. For my opinion it could be good enough to produce electricity with some additions.

"Dar Pha" is again a very impressive building by the team of Ignis Fatuus and really worth a travel.

Ignis Fatuus Grid, Region Dar Pha pha

Mittwoch, 26. November 2014

Destination and Art: Arles

We are in the Netherlands and Belgium at about the second part of the 19th century (1870 - 1890). The working period of a famous post impressionist dutch painter: Vincent van Gogh.
That we can travel back in time is made virtual real in the Littlefield Grid by Mudpuddle Cleanslate.

His idea was (and still is) to transform van Gogh's paintings into a virtual scenery.

It is really amazing what Mudpuddle has brought into a virtual being.

Fishing Boats on the Beach at Saintes-Maries (1888)

Farmhouse in Provence, also Entrance Gate to a Farm with Haystacks (1888)

Langlois Bridge at Arles, and Woman with an Umbrella (1888)

The Old Mill, 1888

The White House at Night (1890)

The Night Café 1988

Cafe Terrace at Night 1988

Entrance Hall of Saint-Paul Hospital, 1989

These are only a few of the 17 motives Mudpuddle have staged. A real amazing work.
As always I am not going to show it all. The "Hyperzette" just want to whet your appetite. To have the meal, just jump to the place.
But before I will finish this review, there is one more to say. Just see if you find this:

and watch out not to be slayed by oilpaint.

Tipping my hat to Mudpuddle Cleanslate. A well done and great region.

Littlefield Grid, Region Arles