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Destinations: The Spirit of Arcadia 3 Keep it simple and 4 Jules Verne.

The name of "Keep it Simple" says it all. The region is a hilly island in a flat sea. Only a few items to be seen on the surface.

As there is a lighthouse and a small house aside to be copy/taken as a unit.

The "Starbuccaneer's Coffeehouse"

A non working water saw mill.

And a halloween decorated graveyard on top of a hill.

"Keep it simple" is a very simple structured island.
I decided to jump to "Jules Verne" Number 4 of the regions of "The Spirit of Arcadia" continent.
Another very clear region with oversized boards and boxes with drawings from old Jules Verne books

A board at one's landing point gives information about the single Jules Verne Teleporter, which is next beside the board

And I started with Airship 1 location on the teleporters menu

Airship 2 brings you inside the vehicle into the bomb compartment behind the pilots seat.

Airship 3, my next teleport destination, will end up on the machines deck.

Let's get to the place marked as Centre
You will find yourself at the starting ramp of the vehicle that starts you to the "Journey to the Center of the Earth". And have a look in the inside, it is fully equipped.

Further to the Crystal Cave. Very difficult to make a photo because it is very cramped.

Crystal 2 is another cave underneath the Crystal cave, just a bit wider. And both are located inside the moon sphere. which I think will be my next teleport destination when selecting Da Moon.

And yes I have made it on the surface and there is life on the moon.....well.....kind of

From the space to the sea by selecting Nemo 1 on the nearby teleporter

Not really in the sea but on top of the Nautilus submarine, is the landing spot.

And the last teleport one can make is Nemo 2. But somehow the destination Nemo 2 is missing and me trying to get into the ship through the open hatch on top of the submarine failed. Seems I am too tall even so I am one of the smaller type Avatars in virtual worlds. Maybe you have more luck. But my camera will give an impression of the interior of the ship.

All items I have showed you can copy/take. That's it for this article about "The Spirit of Arcadia 3 and 4". Next in line is 5 Sea of Aley and 6 Floatsom. See you there.

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