Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014

Destination: Showcase

The region is build up like a scenery from Lara Croft's Tomb Raider. You land at an old temple ruin in the middle of a jungle.
I am on the Swedish Grid VIBE and there on its default landing region "Showcase".

To teleport there within the Hyperverse is not easy and it sometimes need more than one attempt to get there. But it is worth the tries. This nice build region based on an OAR by Avia Bonne called "The Underworld".

Landing at the front of an old temple ruin you will find a teleporter to several other regions within the grid. But for now I like to concentrate on "Showcase" on the VIBE Grid, where VIBE stands for "Virtual Islands for Biology Education".

Standing in front of the temple, I tried to find an entrance. By doing this, I said "Hello" to Lara who crossed my way. She was quite busy walking the tigers, so I left her without disturbing by asking questions.

One hint. When exploring the area, do not step on the grid where you can see the tigers underneath you. The grid will not hold your weight.

But with all the efforts made, there was no way inside the ruin. I turned around and started to walk inside the jungle. And parts of modern civilisation already arrived in this wilderness.

The southeastern corner of the region is build as a little lagoon. I would not recommend to swim in the water because of their hungry looking inhabitants.

Spiders there are of an enormous size.....

From a comfortable place up in an amphitheatre, one has a a nice look down to a fighting scene with a human and some prehistoric species.

Somewhere on my walks over the surface of the region I felt down a hole, which was not to be seen and ended in a cave with an odd looking machinery.

A stairway and a lift brought me back up to the surface.

Before I left, I killed my curiosity in a cave which I had discovered. Someone has occupied this as his home base. Not really the best place to live at.

Especially with such pets in the house......

As owner and builder of this region the profile says "Vibe showcase" , which gives the impression that a team has build the region. Well done.

VIBE Grid, Region Showcase

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  1. Thank you Zaph, to make this nice review about my Tomb Raider oar which has been created by me two years ago.
    The idea was given when I received a mesh character of Lara Croft, which was imported by my friend Kathje Kittaj, so I got the idea to build a world around her and The Underworld was born.
    This oar is only build by me, no others involved then Kathje, who imported a lot of the mesh characters, which you can download at the Free3D website for personal use.
    Why it is set out as build by a team , I don't know, but certainly not true.

    This Tomb Raider-oar can be downloaded for free at the website of Minethere Always, who is so kind to store it there for me.
    So everyone can use it, ( but pls not mis-use it).

  2. Thanks for writing about our hosting it. It's down for a couple days while we have other regions with presentations going on. I'll put it back up on Saturday afternoon.
    Also, it's not a swedish grid. We are (mostly) college academics with the actual computer hosts at Northerm Michigan University. If you have any questions, let me know via Google.
    A little information about us although admittedly under construction:

  3. Thank you very much for some clarifications,which I have misinterpreted from the region profile. Sorry for any inconevenience.