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Destination: Winter

A wooden platform at the foot of a mountain chain is the landing place when arriving on the region "Winter". And as it belongs to a winter region, the area is covered with snow and on some areas it is still snowing.

Mainly the region is build up in three levels of different height and I will start my excursion on the lowest level. And the first attraction build by Nani Ferguson and Ange Menges is the fantastic "Slide". The "Slide" is actually a double slide, build as a double helix. Take the ladder aside to get up and then down it goes and its fun to use it.

The next fun place I visited was the "Ice Maze". It's a ice building with a three dimensional maze in it. The entrance to it is close to the mouse, than turn to the right and than.......

He and a surprise is waiting for you at the end.

Leaving the "Ice Maze", I met Ange Menges and he told me about an ongoing hunt on two other regions in the Grid "Metropolis". But the starting point of the hunt is here at "Winter" and with the mouse, you can meet next beside the big board on this lower level of the area. Exactly 100 items are to be found on those regions. The names of the regions you may ask. No way I tell, you find out by yourself and start your hunt at "Winter".(See also the video at the end of this review for more info).

That's for the hunt but what else you can find on "Winter" ? Skating ? For sure there is an ice rink on the territory and the next destination on my visit . Tim the Mouse will help you in finding the right skates for you. There are three different types for each gender. Click on it to get it.

Close to the "Ice Skating Paradise" is a little shack with gifts for the visitors. To get them either click on the item and copy take it or click on the spheres aside.

After the visit of this shack, I went back to the big board, where another mouse is waiting for you to teleport you to the top of the area. It's situated opposite of the board between two big ice crystals.

Up on top there are a few little shacks. One contains an assortment of very nice winter clothings for both genders.

At the next you can get a pair of skis of different brands and colors for your downhill skiing on the slopes later.

Or you try the downhill with the "Sledging Saucers"

Such equipped you can try your luck on the Slopes.

At the end of this first slope you will be on the middle level of the region with a few more downhill possibilities to the lowest level.
And for the "Apres Ski" time visit the "Otto's Almhütte" and say hello to Otto and his guests. They will be happy.

"Winter" a region with and for a lot of fun. The mice are very friendly and the Nani and Ange did a great job. And even more on the two regions of the hunt.
Tipping my hat to both of them.
It's a good thing to have a look at it !!

The region can be visited til January 15th., 2015 and do not forget that this region is the starting point for a Big Hunt.

Metropolis Grid, Region Winter

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