Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

Destination: Weihnachtsmarkt Adventskalender

Oh dear, in my article about Dorena's "Weihnachtsmarkt" I forgot to mention a very important piece of Christmas, the "AdventsCalender" scripted by Anachron Young and filled by a lot of creators. You will find the piece on "Unterland" close to the little church. Where exactly, well I will show you a picture but you have to look for it.
The Calender has 24 doors to open for each day up to Christmas. Those doors will only be open on the specific day and will give a present to the opener, but only on that day it is signed for. Everybody who touches the door will get that present.
And here is the picture to give you the hint where to find the Calender

Dorena's World Grid, Region Weihnachtsmarkt

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