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Destination: Naali

Leaving "Narayan" from the cavern in the big rock, one has to take a stone bridge to cross the valley between "Narayan" and "Naali".

"Naali" is another interesting region on the Ignis Fatuus Grid. A big castle sits on top of a plateau of a big rock. The rock shows some cavern homes on its western flanks. Down on the plain one can see some houses.

Being on castle level I decided to visit the castle first before looking closer at the cavern homes and the houses.

One arrives in a typical castle square with stables for the horses on the left and some booths at the right side.

In the left corner of the square one can find a big chess board and if you are two you can play it. The figurines are movable for everybody.

The castle building houses the throne room on the ground floor and a few empty rooms on the upper floors.

A circular stair lead into the cellar with a bountiful table.

Outside the castle walls, on the eastern side, one can find a hole in the ground and a ladder which leads downstairs. Of course I took this offer.

Steps brought me further down but then the steps stopped and I felt down a few meters on another platform.

From there you will find yourself in a big hall.

You can either take the main entrance or a secret exit aside to get out of that hollowed rock. I took the main entrance and show a few impreesions of what to see and to walk in eastern direction.

After a longer walk, I reached one of the houses which are build into the mountain. This one had the entrance on ground level. Maybe you can find a way up the steep cliff to the others. I couldn't find a way.

Another interesting building on the region is the weaponry.

And don't miss the wooden church.

Ignis Fatuus Grid always worth a travel !

Ignis Fatuus Grid, Region Naali

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