Freitag, 5. Dezember 2014

Destination: Slum City, Subway

You should not wear your best dress, when you use the TP system at "Monte Gordo" and "V's Home" region on Craft-World Grid. Two clicks away (with the first you select the destination and with the second you dematerialize to) "Slum-City". And "Slum-City" is the very grungy area, where the system will put together your pixels again. And grungy is kind of an understatement to describe the area.

Arriving on the TP prim, one can see a lot of boards and signs informing the visitor who was in, the last few days or visit the spot since March 2014. You have different teleporters to different places within the region or outside and information where to find freebies (also most of the stuff one can see is copy/take anyway) and other useful information.

Next to the teleporter is a big warehouse of Arcadia Asylum telling you, that if you are on the freebie hunt for their stuff you want, you will find those at other places and giving you a note with teleport destinations to those places.

But for now I am interested what is possible to do with those objects, if one likes to have it a bit "basic suburban". The walls of the buildings are all valorized by notable but nameless graffiti and tag artists.

Be careful when entering "China town" you may step on your dinner meal.

In front of "China town" one will find the entrance to the subway station "South Side". Another cozy place to stay for a while.

And I really did it and walked the tunnel of the subway traffic system....

...and reached the next station, which has the same look of noblesse like the one I just left

That little walk brings one to another nice corner of slum city which is a bit dreary

But in one of the buildings you find a wall painting which does not fit in the area at all (?)
And right here one will find the city church.

One of the arch ways lead you to a Jamaican backyard with a plantation of the special kind.

After a short walk I found my way back to where I came from and I made a few more pics of this nice looking part of the hyperverse

That's it for me here. I hope some may have got a small idea of what one can do with all those nice things Arcadia Asylum has to offer. And there is much more to come. Just stay tuned ;-)

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