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Destination: Flash Fiction

The name of the region is "Pandora"and one will land on a small dune within the sea, connected to the mainland with a wooden bridge. But before taking the the bridge to cross the water, one should read the note on the board, stucked in the sand.

The board itself will tell you about the ownership of the grid: Nara Malone, Tina Glasneck and Siobhan Muir and starts the journey with the words:
"Where Fiction meets Reality and stops for tea. Bringing fisction to liffe with interactives tales, poetry, and characters from all genres of writing. All writers and artists welcome.
Clicking on the board will give you a notecard with all needed information about the grid Nara's Nook.
Next beside, you will find a teleporter with other destinations within the grid but this is for a later visit.

I took the bridge to get to the next island and another board came in sight.
This board will inform you about flashfiction. Which is to have a look at a picture, get the prompt and write a short story about it not longer than 50 to 70 words. At the beginning there is a blue box, click on it to get a prepared notcard where you can write your small stories in. With those preparations and informations you are ready for your first steps to become an author.

After some strides you reach the first prompt where you see a picture, the prompt and a sample story to bring you in the right mood. Now it is up to you to write down your phantasies. And if you do not know how much is 50 words, the text aside counts exactly 50 words (I counted the words "I'll" as one ;-))

For sure I will not take the fun and so I will not show all the 8 prompts you will stop at to continue your story. Prompt number 4 will give you a cozy place to rest for a bit. And do not forget to use the word in your small chapters.

Prompt and picture number 5 will be found on a lonesome island. For the hydrophobics, a bridge is build to cross the water.

And number 6 prompt is not set at an arbitrary selected location.
After you have wrote all the parts with prompt number 8 last in your notecard drop that card in the pink box.

Now you have finished your story and started your writing career. It might be a little story for the beginning but people can read it at And who knows with numerous attendance it might end up in a small book.
Anyway it is fun to discover a region with a challenge.
We are waiting on your story !!

Close to the last prompt location one will find the teleporter to the next level, which is worth another Hyperzette story.

Nara's Nook Grid, Region Pandora Flash Fiction (default arrival)

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