Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2014

Destination: Gwelth

The region is a former startregion, if you have searched for the default on Since the server change of the Ignis Fatuus Crew and "Ignis" exists, "Gwelth" is a lonesome island in the middle of the sea a bit off the mainland.

I started my little travel on the island at the middle of the region at a typical Ignis Fatuus fantasy building, surrounded by sad angels.

The vegetation is similar to other regions of the grid with its large mushrooms and some strange plants.

Typical for the grid are the skyrocks or the needle rocks. To climb the rock one needs to be very courageous. And if you are on top, all you can do is to read the right time of day (in CET).

A good climb is up a mountain on the island. There on top you will find a riddle.

From the mountain top one has a good view over to the settlement of treehouses on big firs which grow out of the sea. The small wooden shacks are connected via hazardous looking wood bridges.

Back on the main island I enjoyed a little bit of the fantastic landscape.

Another nice travel destination in the fantasy worlds of Ignis Fatuus

Ignis Fatuus Grid, Region Gwelth

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