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Shopping: Actos I

In the deep virtual waters of Dorena's World Grid, one can find a small island called "Actos". Steersman and Captain of this land is Lureen Persephone. And the speciality with this island is a Mall, where you can grab the things by copy/take if needed.

But let me introduce the island to you. I started in the middle of the island, where a big Santa is welcoming you and a Christmas tree decorates the scenery. Snow is falling slowly. Sure that, it is the Holiday Season right now.

The one big Santa is not the only one you will see. All over the place you will meet his brothers, when you follow the red arrows on the ground, as I did.

And following those arrows, you will walk right a way to the Freebies World of "Actos". On two levels, the building offers a variety of Freebies.

A board with changing pictures at the entrance informs the visitor about new items.

In the middle of the ground floor, one will find the adult section with some very special furniture and specialities.

And here is a small picture series of what you can get, when walking outside the adult section

A teleporter close to the entrance will transport you to the upper level of the building with those kinda things on give away, you can see on the pictures.

As you can see, there is already a lot of stuff one can find. Lureen just moved to Dorenas World and is still unpacking her stuff. So it is always good to come on over once in while to see whats new.
And there is more to see on "Actos", but this is a different story, which will be told in another posting. See you later.

Dorena's World Grid, Region Actos

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