Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014

Freebies and Destination: The Spirit of Arcadia 1 Privateer Space and 2 The Abyss

A bit disapponted at my first destination "The Spirit of Arcadia 1, Privateer Space" I headed towards "The Spirit of Arcadia 2 The Abyss". Why I am disappointed is the fact, that the information given is wrong or poor and teleporting to the places, does not really show what was given in the information. But see yourself:


TP destination: Shawn

TP destination: Space exhibition

True, some of the items one can copy and take but some one has to buy, but one can't buy them cause of missing currency. So I left to

"Spirit of Arcadia 2 and the Abyss"

On the sea surface you see all kinds of sailing vessels, most of them carry the "Skull and Bones" flag.

But most of the items are underwater. Here you will see and copy/take all kinds of wrecked ships, underwater plants, creatures and fish, beluga wales, and underwater ground and rock formations.

So if you are looking for things you may want to put in your swimming pool, this is the right place to have a look. All objects are to be copy and take.

Sanctuary Grid, Region The Spirit of Arcadia 2
sanctuary.homelinux.org:8012:the spirit of arcadia 2

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