Samstag, 6. Dezember 2014

Destination: Dragons' Teeth II

After a little break I continued my travel on "Dragons' Teeth", the region build by Paislee Myrtle. Before going any further to search for the entrance of the castle, I walked towards a building that kept my interest. Build in a medieval style, the big turning radar antenna does not fit the picture. Kind of a laser beam is leaving from the middle of the shield into the infinity of the sky.

A footpath, a bridge and a short stairway give way to the house. The inside is covered with lots of measures, switches and other apparatuses.

But there is no way up to the roof and all those machinery and equipment kept their secret when I left the location again. Coming back to the castle another stairway leads up to the castle walls, which I used. Maybe that's the way to the entrance.

I passed a grilled opening in the tower giving view to a room with seats and table and a bigger tank of water.

But the way ends at the wall of the main building, surrounding this towers. I went all the way back. Down the stairs I continued walking around the castle. This time passing a ship laying ashore and a carriage for goods.
Another building came in sight. A round stone building with a wooden cross grilled dome.

Inside one sees a beam (not light) of some kind, circle around a hole in the middle of the floor. Whatever it is ? I do not know ?

Back to the castle and looking for a place to enter it. On my way I walked past a rest area with a fire burning and coffee ready.

And then after walking alongside a wall, there it was: a stairway leading into the masonry. The very thick portal doors were wide open and I entered.

What will happen next will be told in the story part III.

Kitely Grid, Region Dragons' Teeth' teeth

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