Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

2. Geburtstag der METROPOLIS Academy ( 2. Tag )

Tag zwei der Festivitäten des METROPOLIS Academy Geburtstages bescherte uns einen hervoragend aufgelegten Kueperpunk Korhonen.

Zunächst klärte er uns darüber auf, daß eine Studie ergeben hat, daß ein Drittel der Weltbevölkerung an Übergewicht leide und er einen Weg finden wird dies zu ändern. Er wird mit dazu beitragen, dass auch die noch verbleibenden 66,66 Prozent dem Ziel des Übergewichts näherzubringen. Über die Themen "Dinoerotik" und "Sex in viruellen Welten" kam er zum Schluss, daß auch er ein Social Network gründen wird mit "Hassbutton" und "Ich mag dich nicht - Button". Ein Korhonen wie man ihn kennt, wieder kueperpunkisch gut.

Nach diesen 30 lachmuskelzerrenden Minuten wechselte die 20 köpfige Gesellschaft auf die Tanzfläche. Hier sorgte Phaandor Pertween für die richtige Stimmung. Und die "virtual Generation" tanzte was das Zeugs hielt.

Und am Schluß wieder eine kleine Bilderstrecke:

Zwei gelungene Festtage des 2ten Geburtstages der METROPOLIS Academy gingen damit zu Ende. "The Hyperzette" wünschen der Academy und Anette Hummel noch weitere erfolgreiche Jahre und viele Geburtstage.

Everything is in Balance

You enter the colorful tristesse of greyshades with a touch of blue

Freely self restraint she dreams about her happy sadness

Winged keys are searching for their mismatching pad locks

Vigorous fragile climbers stretch their fingers towards the crowded emptiness

Ladders will show the way into the purposfully nothingness

A tiny giant chest is watched by a thoughtless melancholic guardess.

Go inside the chest to find the known secrets !

"Le Village" by Cherry Manga. A must for all art friends of Art in the Hypergrid !

Everything is
 in balance.

FrancoGrid levillage

Freitag, 30. Mai 2014

2. Geburtstag der METROPOLIS Academy ( 1. Tag )

Anette Hummel's "Academy" feiert ihren zweiten Geburtstag in METROPOLIS über zwei Tage.
Nachdem Anette die Gäste begrüsst hatte, übernahm ChapTer Kronfeld das Mikrofon und hielt eine Rede in Form einer Dichtung, die er Anette in Schriftform feierlich übergab.

Danach folgten noch einige kleinere Gedichte und eine Kurzgeschichte, die einen Alkoholrausch in der wortgewandten Art eines ChapTer Kronfeld beschrieb. Zahlreiche Gäste spendeten am Ende den verdienten Applaus.

Nach ca. einer halben Stunde ging es dann auf die Tanzfläche, wo DJ Dings mit einer hervorragenden Musikmischung die Gäste in Tanzbewegung hielt. Einige Eindrücke vom ersten Tag in einer kleinen Fotostrecke.

Morgen um 20:30 Uhr geht es weiter. Zunächst mit Kueperpunk Korhonen und einer Lesung und im Anschluß sorgt DJ Phaandor für den musikalischen Abschluss.
Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Anette und die "Academy"

Destination: MB Estate (Part2)

With this post, the reader will get an overview of single parts of the MB Estate by Maggie and Magnuz Binder. It's not the complete overview. Best is to visit and explore the area. Have fun !

This region contains astronomic exhibitions, information, images, and models, still under construction. At present there is an interactive rotating starry sky, and two observatory buildings. The region is mainly an education and science region.

This region contains an open sea straight, with an elaborate full region road suspension bridge, connecting the wall around the western Europe map, and the road around the eastern islands of the MB Estate continent. The region is mainly a tourist region.

These regions contain a 3D topography map of Europe and surroundings, spanning 9 regions, length scale 1 to 10000, height scale 1 to 200, with nation flags, major city markers, and information. The regions are mainly geographical and tourist regions.

This region contains a relaxing area for everyone. Take a balloon ride, or relax in a spa. There are chapel, castle, dance floor, and a maze. No stores, no stress or fights please. The place is only for relaxation. Welcome! The region is mainly an art and tourist region.

This region contains a terrain-created, sim-wide maze, with escape preventing glass roof, and stupid but stubborn sentinel robots chasing visitors, to cage them temporarily on their way through the maze. The region is mainly a game region.

This region contains a futuristic monorail, with 2 tracks, 4 vehicles, automatic track generation, working signals, but still much under construction. The region is mainly a vehicles region.

This region contains terrains, for viewing and free download, as RAW files. There are some 80 smoothly rolling, 20 mazes, 40 geometric, 3 multi-region, thumbnails and sculpt previews. The region is mainly a freebies region.

That's it about MB Estate. An amazing plaze to visit and to explore. These two articles only give an overview about it. Just get over there and have a look for yourself.


Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2014

Destination: MB Estates (Part 1)

"The Hyperzette" will introduce the "MB Estates" by Maggie and Magnuz Binder.
Because it will report about one of the biggest areas in METROPOLIS it will be divided in 2 parts.
The introduction is written by Magnuz himself and was first published in the METROPOLIS Forum
And here we go:

Magnuz Binder and Maggie Binder came to Metropolis 2013-02-09, set up their first sim and region the day after, 2013-02-10, 
created 45 water regions as placeholder for the MB Estate mini-continent 2013-02-17, 
added the 9 region Europe map 2013-02-18, 
8 more full regions 2013-02-19 with content restored from OAR's for Astronomy, Magnuz's & Maggie's, Maggie's, Maze, MB Estate and Terrains, while Binders, Maggie and Magnuz were new, and the region MB Estates wasn't joined to the mini-continent until 2013-02-22. 
During the period 2013-02-28 - 03-02 the mini-continent was restructured into single-region sims, and 2013-12-18 9 more sea regions were added around the private region Magnuz's & Maggie's.

The content of the mini-continent has been created during several years, with the Europe map being the oldest part, originally created as a one-region map over Scandinavia for an OpenSim local standalone 2009-01-19, expanded to the present 9-region terrain over Europe for a private VPS OpenSim grid 2009-02-01, city markers added 2011-07-28 and country flags 2011-08-18, and made public on a dedicated server 2011-11-24.

The 55 single-region simulators are served by OpenSimulator 0.7.6 Rel. / Metropolis-Edition [012]Release (Unix/Mono), run on Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS 32 bit with Mono and MySQL 5.5.31, on a dedicated server Intel Core i7-3770 3.40GHz, with 32 GB DDR3 RAM, 2 x 3 TB SATA 6 Gb/s HDD 7200 rpm Software-RAID 1.

The MB Estate mini-continent in Metropolis consists of a rectangular grid, 11 regions west-east and 5 regions south-north, so in total 55 regions, roughly 20 regions southeast of the Metropolis center. The basic layout is two 3x3 region islands, an eastern with a Europe map and a western with various regions, and an easternmost appendix with a private home island, all surrounded by water regions. Several of these water regions are however used for roads and development, so even if just 17 regions are land regions, only 7 regions are open sea.

The Europe map, covering 9 regions, is in horizontal scale 1:10000 and vertical scale 1:250, to better highlight the topography both above and below water. It's surrounded by a massive, decorated brick wall with towers and a road on top spanning 16 regions, because the sea level needed to be raised 20 meter above the surrounding regions' sea level to permit the vertical scale of the sea floor.

A large suspension bridge spans the central part of the strait separating the western and eastern islands. In the strait is also a sculpted model of the Earth in scale 1:250,000 with an attenuated topography at scale 1:2,500 both above and below sea level, similar to that of the Europe map.
The strait also houses a map of all of Metropolis, although compressed outside the central area, offering information about all regions and direct teleport to all reportedly online regions.

The eastern 3x3 region island is surrounded by a road bridge spanning 16 regions. The road is decorated with flowers, street lights and road signs, has several functioning (time-cycling) traffic signals and side roads to the island regions.

The eastern island contains one region with hundreds of free RAW terrains for use in OpenSim or Second Life, an astronomical region with a small observatory and a region wide rotating starry sky where star attenuation and grids can be changed, a region with a maglev railroad under development , a sandbox with a large comparison of historical and present maps of the Stockholm region in Sweden high above, a region-wide maze with chasing sentinels, and two beautifully chaotic, artistic and charming regions (Maggie's and Maggie) mainly by Maggie Binder.

 Annexed to the eastern island is also a sandbox with a train concept (Magnuz) and a region for full-scale display of RAW terrains through a vendor (MB Sea 65). East of the island and separated from it by another strait is a private region (Magnuz's & Maggie's) which is the home of the owners Magnuz Binder and Maggie Binder. In the southeastern corner of the continent there is also a hexagonal palace under construction (MB Sea A1), and a cityscape under development (MB Sea B1).

View of the eastern island of MB Estate, with the region Maggie's in the foreground.


2nd Anniversary METROPOLIS Academy. Change of program

There is a little change in the announced program for the festivies

Chapter Kronfeld will be on May 30th
Kueperpunk Korhonen will be on May 31st

Freebies: Kaufrausch Mega-Store

Again I took my backpack and strolled the Hypergrid. And my way took me to Dorena's World.  A nice little grid. My starting point for this mission was METROPOLIS Spike Sol's "Weltraumbahnhof" choosing the room which is categorized "Freebies" you will find a gateway named "Santiago". In the known manner I stepped towards the teleporter and it sucked me in and spit me out right in the Mega-Store building "Kaufrausch" at Dorena's World.

The building itself is one of the shoe box like buildings, not the extravagant buildings of  the baroque architecture but quadratic, practical, good. And it's the contents that is of interest. On three stages you will find a lot of freebies by creators like:

Klarabella Karamell
Catie Chiung
Anachron Young
Linda Kelly
Thorn Tuxianer
Dorena1 Verne

just to name a few.

The items you can find are spread all over the building and are not sorted in any order. One has to take a little time and walk pass them.

Escalators will bring you to and from the next floor.

But there is a lot more to discover at "Santiago" than only the Mega-Store. One will find an exhibition with pictures made by Anachron Young in the "Ars Pro Toto" Building.

A little tutorial area close to the Open Air stage will show you how to squeeze and twist the prims.

Some instruments are to be found in the music store

Another highlight at "Santiago" is an Off Road track for Mountain Bikes. You get an animated mountain bike and a speed hud and off it goes on a nice track on top of the mountain around an observatory. It's fun, you should try it. Unfortunately you have to find a Sandbox somewhere to unpack the bicycle, would be nice to have a little space for unpacking right at the Start zone. The good thing is you can copy all the needed things for building your own race track. You'll find the items included in a box. The track and the equipments are made by Anachron Young.

"Kaufrausch" and "Santiago" is a good place if you are looking for items and its a fine collection you may not find anywhere else. Most of the items on "Santiago" are free to copy, even the houses.

Dorena's World Santiago - Mega-Store Kaufrausch

2nd Anniversary of the METROPOLIS Academy

Just a reminder !

See You There


Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014

May I introduce.....Michi Renoir

Due to the fact that he will perform for the re-opening of the "BluesFabrik" in the METROPOLIS grid June 07th at 22:00 CET (01 pm pdt)
I would like to introduce
Michi Renoir
The Austrian musician Michi Renoir lives in London, Luxembourg, Kiel, Hamburg and sometimes in Vienna. He is a truly talented keyboard player who creates amazing electronic music incorporating many musical styles like House/Drum & Bass, Dance/Electronic, Techno, Gothic & Wave, Crossover and even Classicals and romantic tunes are to be found in his repertoire.
Michi is a classical trained pianist from the age of eight and also played guitar for a time. Once he heard Jon Lord from Deep Purple his life and his music changed dramatically away from the classical. Michi played in several rock bands throughout Europe but is now a solo performer and well known in the Virtual Worlds.

Michi does not cover other artists (well most of the time) but composes everything he plays. Also sometimes he may include some remixing. His favorite is Jean Michel Jarre, and in some cases is music reminds of this. Often during his play he starts improvising and he goes along. Using his piano and keyboards he creates a musical extravaganza not to be missed

For more information and music samples see:

Portrait: Brenda Geissen "Wunderland"

As we have presented the "Wunderland" here in "The Hyperzette" we asked Brenda Geissen the owner and builder of "Wunderland" for an Interview which she agreed.

Brenda ??

Hello Brenda, looking at "Wunderland" one can see a great constractive and building talent. We assume that you are in virtual worlds for quite a bit. When did you have the first contact with Virtual Worlds ?

I started February 2007 in Second Life. If Virtual World Years are counted as dog years of life, I am close to retirement. :D. Up to that first moment I have never played on a computer nor any console game or even been in a 3D world.

Would you have the kindness to tell our readers a little bit about your virtual career and how and why you finally arrived in METROPOLIS ?

To tell this in detail would fill a book, so I try to make it short.
First it was exploring and marvel at everything I saw and about what was possible. In the course of time I started my first attempts to build something and after a time I concentrated only on building. I had seen almost everything, things repeated and started boring. Second Life mutated more and more to a theater of war due to disputes, fraud and intrigues.
Looking for an SL alternative (...I was keen on building and did not want to give up on it) I searched Google and in March 2013 I arrived in METROPOLIS. For me it was and is as a little vacation for the soul.
The move from one virtual world to another wasn't a big deal, cause long-standing relationships accompanied. It was only the question to find "THE" perfect Virtual World for us, and we found it in METROPOLIS.

Are you still to be found in other Virtual Worlds ?

Not anymore. METROPOLIS is mine/our virtual home now ;-)

What makes METROPOLIS so very special for you ?

At the beginning the helpfulness and kindness took me by surprise. I was not used to that in Second Life. For example another resident helped me over hours and days to set up a server. Just like that without any claim of service in return. I was speechless. On problems somebody helped you immediately. It was unbelievable.
And this is still the way it is.
Here you will find no way of commerce or the hunt after profit. It is a classless community
"Each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"
I do not have to count on the prims and to check if the land can hold the rest of the prims.
That I have found a big german community, cause my english is not that good.
That I can have a look behind the curtains of Open Sim and learnt how it works Which gave me a different view on the technics and software that keeps this world running.
In Second Life you have been degraded to be a user and being subject to the caprice of others. Here I am responsible for my own. It's a permanent process of learning, cause it is under permanent development by many people. For me it is simply wicked science.
And the people behind the avatars. I do have found some "gems".

"Wunderland" is something special, where you have stretched everything into giant. What was the idea behind creating "Wunderland" ?

It started with a "Snow Globe"
I wanted to build a walk-on-able snow globe. At the end I have had three of them. Then I thought: "Nice, where to put ?. So I built a shelf. And the shelf itself had to be a little bigger than normal, to hold the snow globes. But only a big shelf with three snow globes did look a bit silly. And so one followed the other and it was getting bigger and bigger. It just happened and I couldn't stop it ;-)
With each prim the region changed and born was The Little Tininess.

How difficult is it to build such a world without loosing the view on the proportions ? And can you give away a few internal building secrets ?

Well my biggest problem is, that I do not have any view on the proportions, everything I build is "swanky". The if I build in the animations or stand aside the object I think: "Oh it's bigger than I thought". Laugh
Well, I do not have any secret in building, I do cook my objects just with boxes, sculpts, or spheres.
Maybe the textures are the public secret. The texture is the kingpin of the look of an object. If I have a good texture and set it sloppy on the prim it is as bad looking as I have used an ugly texture. I could have stopped all my efforts, because it never will look right and nice.
Another advice is that one should texture prim faces one cannot see. This might not be really necessary but for me it is, I am a fetishist on textures ;-)

How long did you build on "Wunderland" to the point we see it now ?

I started approximately mid of December 2013.  The rough structure was done within 4 days. But since then a lot of things have changed. I added more and more stuff, fine tuned or rebuild. Did I have an idea or saw picture, as for example the castle made from newspaper, I tried to implement it. The last idea was the suitcase underneath the bed. It contains a little Western City. You have to spend a lot of time to find all the hidden things and animations.

Are there similar projects like "Wunderland" ?

In contrast to "Wunderland", there is the "Dark*Forest". Smaili Geissen and me created a little magic forest. The starting point was a tiny little Pixie Avatar. Similar to "Wunderland" the question came up where should that pixie live. That was the beginning of the magic forest which is build for that little pixie.

Are there more projects existing or in the planning ?

I never have a plan, it just happens.
Each region has its own theme.
In Dark*Ocean you will find all the ships I have build during my time in SL and which are a piece of my heart.
Dark*Dragon is a mixture I can't describe and you have to look at yourself
Dark*City was rebuild not so long ago and is "fresh from the press" so to speak and is the home of Observerin Geissen.
It all depends on how I feel to build, to rebuild to tear it down and to create new.
Nothing is for eternity ;-)
The real Brenda

Thank You very much Brenda

Interview partner:
Brenda Geissen
for "The Hyperzette" zaphod Enoch

Translation into English: zaphod Enoch