Montag, 1. Dezember 2014

Freebies and Destination: Monte Gordo "V's Home"

Visitor coming to "Monto Gordo", one of the regions build by Virtual Christine on "Craft-World" Grid, be sure you have time. It's an amazing place in the OpenSim non-commercial Virtual Worlds.
The first landing area on "Monte Gordo" is a small plateau build up like an oasis in a desert and already here the adventure starts.

You land on a telepad, on which you can select many destinations on "Monte Gordo" region:

As there are:
"slum city", "trench to", "Hideout", "subway", "sewer 1", "sewer 2", "Skyland1", "Skyland", tosha's" and "OSWRS"
The one you start off is called "V's home".

Beside the telepad. you will find two more teleporters pointing to spirit of arcadia 1 (the yellow red one)
and spirit of arcadia (the red blue one)

On the platform itself you already find a lot of stuff.

A working radio (from the old valve age):

The Hypergrid Adventures club mascot grey donkey:

The Hobo Vardo Freebie gypsy wagon and various desert plants:

Some artwork made by Virtual Christine (I guess)

A painted piece of the Berlin Wall

A Journal Maker with script to make the Journal

These are only a few of the items you can get on this platform. For now I will take a little break and we see each other again at "Slum City". So have fun at "V's home".

Craft-World Grid, Region Monte Gordo "V's Home" gordo

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