Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

Shopping: Selea's World (Magical Fantasy)

When arriving on the landing platform at "Selea's World" and turning to South, you'll find the teleporters to the wonderland regions of Selea Core's freebie world. One of the destinations is "The Magical Fantasy" and my aim for for this time.

Looking from a birds eye view onto the region, one can see that a big selection is waiting to be picked. And this will be confirmed when looking at the information and teleport board in the landing area.

As almostevery time, I decided to walk the region and the first I went to, were Module 1 with carriages, lanterns, fountains and other fantasy shapes and objects.

Module 2 offers all kinds of different grasses and bushes.

Mushrooms please or Forest Lanterns? See Module 3 !

Module 4 will offer Fantasy animals and Off Sim Sceneries.

Module Number 5 shows and gives all kind of furnitures of the fantasy kind.

You shouldn't miss Module 6, if you are on the search for fanatsy bushes and butterflies flying.

Have I mentioned Module 7 and the happy bushes, yet ?

Or the gorgeous fantasy trees at Module 8.

Sculpted Flowers for everyone at Module 9.

10 is for the Unicorns, a trellis set, dance pose balls and Dragon figurines.

Module 11 gives outdoor equipment and building parts like gazebos, lamp holders and dwellings.

With Module Number 12 we come to the end. Here you'll have the possibility to take crystal trees and water plants

So you want to endow your region with some fantasy stuff it's a need to have a look at Selea's Magical Fantasy

Selea's World Magical Fantasy fantasy

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