Samstag, 25. Oktober 2014

Destination: Destroyed

My scary travel started in the Southeastern corner of the region in an abandoned subway station. A few very odd colored pumpkins are placed in one corner.

I took the stairway up and found myself in a misty dark area. With the exception of some weird creatures the whole scenery is murky and destroyed. And exactly that is the place, I am at "Destroyed", the regions name on Metropolis grid, owned by Ange Mendes.

Nani Ferguson and Ange Mendes created a region, which fits perfectly in the Halloween season.

And it is not only the fine and detailed build of the region, which gives one the right scary ambiance when walking through.........

...there is more, much more.....

....there are pumpkins.........many pumpkins........

And some hold a secret. Just find them.
Go on the Halloween hunt on "Destroyed" region and find the 10 secrets, before the living deads find you.

Metropolis Region Destroyed

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