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Destination: Willendorf

West from "Alsorna", one will find "Willendorf".

The Eastern area is a cluster of little islands and mostly forest or meadow.

The first house which comes in sight is a small watermill.
Inside the mill one can see a working grinder driven by the mills waterwheel.

Small stone bridges crossing the many waterways and bring you dry feet from one island to the other , where you can find a wrecked ship half sunken in the flat waters.

But to get to the main landpart of "Willendorf" from the Eastern part of the region, you have to either fly or swim, where I preferred the flying this time (forgot to taken my swimsuit with me). I landed next beside an old wood and stone shack. You may move in if you want to, it is still empty ;-)

From the shack I followed a path to a building that reminds to a Norwegian "Stavkirke". This is the name of the old wooden churches build by the vikings in ancient days.
'A stave church is a medieval wooden Christian church building once common in north-western Europe. The name derives from the buildings' structure of post and lintel construction, a type of timber framing where the load-bearing posts are called "stafr" in Old Norse and "stav" in modern Norwegian. Two related church building types also named for their structural elements, the post church and palisade church, are often also called 'stave churches'. '
This one here is not exactly a rebuild but looks similar and the viking ship in the back strengthens the impression.

In general "Willendorf" buildings have a touch of the old scandinavian architecture, as, for example,
the old wooden merchant house.

Well, the clerical stone building and the tree houses next beside, won't really fit in this scandinavian impression ;-)

The main building of "Willendorf" is another stone church build in cross form. Inside you'll find the well choosen texturing, typical for the Ignis Fatuus building team.

A green spheric teleporter brings you to the top of the steeple, from where you have a good view over the area.

With that last look, I am finished with "Willendorf" and now have to make a bigger jump to my next Destination "Coorhagen". Meet you there !

Ignis Fatuus Region Willendorf

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