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Destination: Artefactix

You don't know "Ipsofacto"? Then it is about time to learn it to know. "Ipsofacto" is a grid of 4 regions (Artefactix, Ipso-Loop, Azura and Aufferville) , and it happen to come to life due to the meltdown of the OSGrid mid August this year. The grid is run by the French artist Prodyck Theas. He is a painter and as he claims himself a region builder in virtual worlds. And what you can see on his little planet withing the hyperverse is truly a gem.

The first contact with the Grid is made at "Artefactix", where you arrive in a round building with glass walls and roof. From here you can start your exploration tour on the region or use the teleporters to the other named regions or to the Galerie of Prodyck.

First thing you discover when leaving the building, that it is located in a bay. All over the surface you can see boxes of different sizes. When taking a closer look one can see that they are arranged as fractals carrying fractal textures.

I started my way following a stairway and over a translucent bridge to a little island formed like a seashell.
Right there you will meet two kind robots at a table/chairs arrangement and two oil paintings painted off a virtual scenery, one can see behind.

You also will find a ship model which you can click and you will be teleported to a place under the sea. But this for later. I wanted to continue on the land, surrounding the bay. So I went back over the bridge an continued off the path and cross country in a clockwise direction, following the land strip. On some places you have nice views on artful surrealistic landscapes

After a short walk I reached a little artificial pond. The environment is mirroring in the surface of the water. At this point I should mention, that one should set the graphic to 'Advanced Lighting Modell', cause Prodyck is working with the material option a lot.

From here one reaches a jetty in the bay. A little banquet is arranged and you can visit a sailing ship laying aside or TP to the Gallery. Above the banquet table, a media on prim shows a few movies of real life art exhibition with the participation of the grid owner in French language and subtitles.

Next I countinued my way to the end of the land strip and had to fly over the bay mouth to come to the other side.

There one will see an odd kind of a skull, build right into the mountainous area.

With this I will finish this review about Artefactix, but will continue on the extraordinary rest of the grid in my next story. For sure there is a lot more to see on "Ipsofacto"

Ipsofacto Region Artefactix

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