Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

Beeblebrox has moved

The last couple of weeks have been a lot of trouble and disharmony, technical- and political-wise between "Beeblebrox" and its homegrid, so in the final result the region "Beeblebrox" now is a self hosted nine region area connected to the Dorenas World Grid.

Dorenas World Grid is a small Grid run by Dorena Verne. The entire Grid is running on the Arriba Fork of the OpenSim Software 0.8.x developed by Freaky Tech.
Due to the many improvements, resulting in a better performance shown on the grid and proved at different regions connected to this and other grids, "Beeblebrox" and the other 8 regions belonging, are running on the same software.
Now we looking forward to stable events in the future, with more joy for the artists as well as for the audience.
All the activities on of the "BluesFabrik", "Barteldan's Readers Cafe", the theater "Kulturschaukel" and/or the exhibition area "Maximegalon" will continue on "Beeblebrox" on Dorenas World Grid. Beside that, there is more in the planning for the other regions, but too early to report about.
Just come along and visit "Beeblebrox" on the Dorenas World Grid. The areas are public and everybody is welcome. And when you are at Dorena's, just have a look at the map and visit the other nice regions there ;-)

Dorena's World Region Beeblebrox

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