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Portrait: Selea Core

The fact that "The Hyperzette" is publishing a series about "Selea's World" regions, I spent a bit of time there and sure met Selea Core in pixelperson. I took the chance to ask her a few questions, which I am permitted by Selea to be published.

Hi Selea, to get to your Grid Selea's World, one has to visit Have you run your own grid from the beginning or did you start your virtual career somewhere else ?
May you tell a bit of your virtual history ?


Like most of us, I started in SL. At some point, I met a real nice couple. They bought a house and as a gift, I made them "Wall Art" that included matching sets for each room and some real cute ones for their daughter's room. They were amazed at my talent and suggested I should sell my creations on the SL marketplace. The difference in my "Wall Art" was that every piece had a matching frame. After a month or so, I had made enough money to afford renting a 1024 x 1024 region. That was the beginning of me building.

After almost 2 years, I got bored with SL. While I was at my favorite place, I met someone that told me about OSGrid. He showed me how to get there. He let me stay on one of his rented region and after a few months, I decided to get my own. Learning how to have your own region on your own PC was a hellish learning curve. But a lot of people from the OSGrid forum were super nice with helping me.

What made me like OSGrid over Second Life, was the total freedom. No more upload fees. No more silly permissions on items I paid for. I already knew how to make textures. I was a builder. Nothing could stop me now :)

Is your main object in virtual worlds to build or do you have other ideas as well you follow ?

I build, I create, I share. As of now, no other ideas come to mind :)

Can you tell the readers what kind of creations you build and offer ?

Gawd, the list would really be too long. To make it short, anything from a single flower to a fully furnished and scripted house.

What do you like most to create ?

Magical items. I am ... after all ... an Elf :)

Any clothings in the offer?

I make my own clothes and I doubt anyone else would like them. So ... no ... LOL

With all those talent and well designed objects you create, why do you give them away as freebies and do not sell them for example on the Kitely Marketplace ?

In SL, I made a lot of real dollars. But like most over there, I became paranoid with my stuff being stolen. That was zapping the fun right of everything SL. While I was snooping around SL, someone mentioned Linda Kellie's Freebies.
I did some research on her and read her blog. Mind you, I won't go into a personal opinion of that blog, but something stuck in my mind. The explanation as to why she was giving it away, Free and Full Perm. To me that made perfect sense. To be free of all that paranoia. To just share without negative emotions.
I deleted all my items from the SL Marketplace. That was the first step. By then, I was getting familiar with OSGrid. I started with my Elf Art Gallery. At first, to be honest, I was selling. After a second person bought some of my art, I decided to make the move. I reimbursed both clients with an explanation that I was going Free and Full Perm.
I hope this explains why I won't sell on the Kitely Market or anywhere else for that matter :)

Your creations are done as sculpties but also in MESH. Will you change to MESH in the future or stay with sculpties as well ?

It depends on the item. I create most of my own textures and I am not ready to give up how they look on some MESH items. A lot of my items are created with the 3 of them. Natural prims, MESH and sculpties.

Which tools are you are using to create your items ?

To build, I use the Singularity viewer and all it offers to help me achieve an item.
I started using Blender to help me MESH.
I use Paint Shop Pro for all my graphics. : building materials, flowers, most of my textures.
My biggest inspiration is Google Images :)

How many regions does your Grid count ? Are those only sales Grids or do you have others like Showcase Grids, too? If so can you name them please ?

I hope this list is not too long :)
Aqua Fantasia ... Freebies --- landscaping needs for underwater and sea level
Blue Dream ... NO Freebies --- just a nice place to visit.
Elf Art Gallery ... Freebies --- wall art and also a nice place to walk around
Houses ... Freebies --- different houses I've created and build over the years
Landscaping - Botanical ... Freebies --- flowers, plants, trees and more
Landscaping - Decorations ... Freebies --- planters, fences, water wells and more
Magical Fantasy ... Freebies --- many items to make your magical world come true
Mini Mall ... Freebies --- 4 in 1 region containing Gift Shop, Outdoor Furniture sets, Outdoor Scenes and Textures.
Depending on the Holiday, 1 or 2 regions are always reserved for that Holiday.
Right now, there is the
Halloween region ... Freebies ... items you might like to spook your visitors :)
This region will go offline on November 1st
In a few weeks these regions will go online
Winter Freebies --- anything from landscaping needs to some already linked scenes.
Winter Magic --- NO Freebies ... just my fantasy of a magical winter, created with most of the items you can get at the winter freebies region :)

The other regions I have are private :)

Are you running on a homeserver or a VPS ? Are you connected to the hyperverse on 24/7 base?

Home server and connected 24/7, except for about 10 minutes in my early AM Eastern Time, taking time to reboot all regions.

What are the plans for the future ?

Some kind of Selea's Home Depot ... lol.
Building parts, indoor furniture and decorations.

Thank you very much for this interview

Thank you for asking :)

Interviewpartner: Selea Core
For the "Hyperzette": zaphod Enoch

Selea's World Grid

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