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Destination: Ipso-Loop

I do not know what a pregnant castle is, but that is what google translated the French phrase "enceinte chateau". And exactly this castle (wether it is pregnant or not ?) is the building one will find, when coming to the "Ipso-Loop" region on Prodyck Theas' grid "Ipsofacto".

The castle is the main building on the region and my first visit.
One enters the castle over a drawbridge through a portal and the first building within the castle walls is a little chapel with a blue steam in it, as all the lights are set in a green and blue color. Even the   flames of the torches at the walls are blue (If you keep the regions windlight settings)

Most of the inner ward is a small hill with the main building sitting on top of it.

A small but steep path leads to the entrance of that main building. The door is not a door in the usual way but a teleporter and transports you to the top of it. Two medieval dressed soldiers keep guard there.

Looking in the sky one sees a big airship, a sphere and fractal boxes like the ones swimming in the bay of "Artefactix"

Being on top of the building there is a door, again as a teleporter and it says "tp donjon". Curious as I am, I clicked it.

And ended up on the tall tower, with another "TP Club". And off I go.

Instead of travelling to that airship, where I expected the destination, it carried me to the "Club". An area on a nearby platform. where you can dance or talk to some artificial human figurines. The good thing with those figurines, they just listen but will not answer or give advices ;-)

Aside of the dance area you will find a couple of teleporter to different destinations and one aims to the zeppelin, called "TP Dirigeable". Of course I took this possibility.

Landing inside the airship, you'll see that the hull is of a half transparent blue color with the quote aside "Si quelqu'un a de yeux.qu'il entende !", which means "If someone has eyes. he hears!". And what else you will see inside the air vehicle, you have to find out.

And that's it with the small grid of "Ipsofacto". I haven't told you everything about it, it's you that have to discover it. And take your time when visiting the grid full of fantasy, art, history and fun.
Tipping my hat to Prodyck Theas for this wonderful work.

And whoever wants to know more about Prodyck Theas (Claude Simonnet) go to his website:

When I met Prodyck on this trip, I asked him about the pregnant castle and he told me that in this case "enceinte" does not mean pregnant, but the French phrase "enceinte castle" does translate to "castle wall"..........thanks Google for this terrific translation.

Ipsofacto Region Ipso-Loop

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