Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

Destination Aufferville

Now that I had visited "Artefactix" on the Ipsofacto Grid, my next travel point on this Grid was "Aufferville".
"Aufferville" in real life is a commune in the Seine-et-Marne department in the Île-de-France region in north-central France south of Paris. Prodyck Theas took a few of the historical buildings of the village and reproduced those on the region.

I landed on the region at the Northern edge at the end of a little and small road just in front of a one-horse carriage and its coachman.

With a friendly "Salut" I passed the coachman and turned to the left to visit the "Eglise d'Aufferville", the virtual world reproduction of the village church.

To the opposite side the old "Mairie et Ecole" is located. It is a combination of a town hall and a school building for the primaries, which was to be found in smaller communes in the older days in France.

To the right of the building Prodyck positioned a piano, a few couches and a media on prim board with information about the commune of "Aufferville". Unfortunately this web page is only in French and there is only a few infprmation to be found in other languages.

To the left of the building one finds a miniature of the house and another municipale building. A teleporter on a pilar will transport you to "Bac a sable" (Sandbox) with a collection of Freebies placed on the same region. So I preferred to walk.

On the way to the Sandbox I passed a typical farm house with a small horse stable integrated in the building.

The Sandbox itself is what it says, a "bac a sable" with a greenhouse containing an exclusive collection of freebies instead of foliage. Three pillars aside the sandbox give teleports to three different destinations on Ipsofacto grid.

The rest of the region is build in a countryside style with a small lake to rest at. All over the place scaffolds are placed, which show paintings of the landscape or buildings in the vicinity.

With those impressions I left "Aufferville" and headed towards "Azura". See you there!

Ipsofacto Region Aufferville

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