Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

Shopping: 21strom

Travelling the Hyperverse and being somewhere in the Kitely Grid I met Zuza Ritt. We started a little conversation and she told me that she is a creator of primariliy landscaping objects.

Zuza is present in Second Life, Metropolis and Kitely. On Kitely she owns the regions "21strom", a showcase region for the items she is selling on the Kitely Market.

So all the objects one can see are available on the market. With that in mind I started my little excursion on the region.

As you can see, you find a lot of things you may need for your region. Snowy winter trees, or decorative spring cherry blossom or other colorful blossom trees. You want to create a nice autumn scenery or an "Indian Summer" or just a green forest ? Have a look at Zuza Ritt's "21strom" region to see it all live in virtual real ;-).

And with Halloween pretty close, Zuza made some special haunted items for this occasion.
You can't get the objects of your choice on the region but on Kitely Market right at this address:
And there is more info on her website:
which is not only about SL.

Kitely Grid Region 21strom

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