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It started all in 2011, when CapCat Ragu aka Catarina Carneiro de Sousa and Meilo Minotaur aka Sameiro Oliveira Martins initiated the project "Meta_Body" in the virtual world of Second Life.

The idea behind it, one can read in the documentation,
written by CapCat, herself:
"Meta_Body is a project initiated by CapCat Ragu aka Catarina Carneiro de Sousa and Meilo Minotaur aka Sameiro Oliveira Martins, in the virtual environment of Second Life (SL) in response to an invitation to participate in the 6th edition of the exhibition All My Independent Women (AMIW), in the VBKÖ (Austrian Association of Women Artists) space. A couple of months before the exhibition opening, CapCat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur built and distributed in SL, more specifically in their sim, Delicatessen, a set of 18 avatars, freely available and open to be transformed and shared with other SL residents."

Since then, Meta_Body 1 Avatars inspired many artists to use those metaphorical bodies in numerous Machinima -, Show -, Picture - and other projects within the Second Life environment.
Because of the limitation to use those fantastic Avatars only in Second Life, the editor of the "Hyperzette", zaphod Enoch, were thinking about, that, having those Meta_Bodies within the OpenSim community, would give the creative and innovative people in this growing virtual environment the opportunity to use those Avatars in their own projects and show their results to a broad audience, as done in SL.

In August 2014 zaphod Enoch contacted Capcat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur to ask for permission to transfer the Avatars with the same rights and licensing as in SL to OpenSim and in this case to spread those Meta_Bodies all over the Hyperverse.
And both artists agreed, gave permissions and the needed licenses for doing so.

And what would be the best to offer those Avatars, than in a hyperverse grid with a strong art community ?
A grid that would fit best is Nara's Nook. With writers experimenting in visualizing their storytelling within the virtual environment, it would be a perfect symbiosis of both.

And it was Nara Malone, owner of the grid "Nara's Nook", who gave zaphod Enoch  a little parcel on "Paradise 1" region, to set up a location, where to get the "Meta_Bodies 1"
Here they are now:
18 fantastic Avatars, free to copy/take, copiable, modifiable and transferable, giving total freedom of use for all the creatives in the Hyperverse.
They range from the realism of "Godiva" to the improbability of the "Meta Bird", to the impossibility of  "You can see me inside", without yet become completely abstract, without losing its metaphorical dimension.

I want to say a big "THANK YOU" to Capcat Ragu, Meilo Minotaur and Nara Malone for the support and all the needed permissions to realize an idea to offer of those Avatars to the OpenSim community.

Let me finish this article with a thought of CapCat Ragu:
"The virtual body is a metaphorical body and therefore a body of expression and language."

More Information:

Nara's Nook Region Paradise 1 1

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  1. Well done Zaphod Enoch. I copied them and made "replace full outfit" using Firestorm. Some attachments need a turn and a move - or is the default rez position wrong? Best would be to add the attachment point to the attachments, like "blue grown (stomach)" - so one knows how to handle a possible glitch.
    Art Blue