Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

Madmax Huet Live at the "BluesFabrik"

The Blues comes back to the "BluesFabrik". After the move of "Beeblebrox" to Dorena's World Grid the "BluesFabrik" proudly announces the first Live event with

Madmax Huet

Saturday, October 18th
21:00 CET
12 pm pdt
Dorena's World Grid
Region Beeblebrox
Venue BluesFabrik

Madmax Huet
(known to his friends as Max ) plays electric blues guitar and blues harp with some blues jazz thrown in. He plays the blues like nobody can and is amongst one of the best blues harp players in Virtual Worlds. He has been playing the Blues since he was 12 years old and has had a Blues Club in RL in London. He plays his own Blues not covers . He uses backing tracks for the performance.

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  1. That you ever all wight in Island-Platt. There i am realy happy, that i have lern english in SL.


    ich kann gar kein english LOL....