Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2014

Destination: Quantic

Back at "Aire Mille Flux" Grid I had two opportunities, either I select a spot on the map to travel the other regions or I use the teleporters standing on welcome region. I decided for the latter and selected the first teleporter saying "Le nuage". Marc Blieux aka Marc Moana. Leandre Vaucher aka Lulju Leandre.

But before I teleported, I clicked on the little blue info button on the right bottom corner of the teleporter poster. This opens a Webpage to
(Le nuage = The cloud)
with explanations in French and English.
With a click onto the poster you will be transported to a region called "Quantic".
To describe the installation is pretty difficult and the best is to have a look by your own.

Other Installations are in the vicinity.

There are more sky buoys one can visit at "Quantic". A real eyecatcher for the art lover and a recommendation by the "Hyperzette" for spending some time ;-)
Just the first installation I landed on is called "Le nuage" and belongs to a collective exhibition which, as I understood the text, was a real exhibition in Vichy.
Ah do not forget to volume up your sound to listen to the relaxing sounds of Lulju Leandre.

Aire Mille Flux Region Quantic.......Le nuage

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