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Arriba Weltraumbahnhof (Part 1 english)

The "Weltraumbahnhof" was one of the first articles in the "Hyperzette" on May 18th of this year. A lot has happened since then and Spike Sol owner of the "Weltraumbahnhof" has been very active. Time for an Interview.
(Due to the fact of the amount of interesting information this interview is divided in two parts, with the follow up tomorrow. This first part will line up the more technical changes Spike made, while the second part will show the structural made changes of the "Weltraumbahnhof")

Hello Spike, the first time I reviewed the "Weltraumbahnhof" you have been connected to the Metropolis Grid. As far as I remember you worked a Homeserver. Meanwhile you are running your own Grid.
Can you explain in short about the reasons for this change ?

Yes, you are right. My own Grid "Soloton" is running on a Homeserver, too. For me it is the most practicable solution, cause during my nighttime there are almost no travellers on, which I have checked. So I can switch off my computer during this time. If the "Weltraumbahnhof" becomes more prominent in other timezones, I will have a look, if it is necessary to make any changes in that.
It happened that with the Metropolis Grid obviously unsolvable technical problems occur. And I heard of a solution that broach those problems sustainable.
With that in mind I collected all the information I could get in forums and in talks with Dorena Verne, leading the way in using the ARRIBA Fork software on her entire Grid Dorenas World.
Beside I talked to others having already experience with the ARRIBA software.
Finally I talked to Freaky Tech the developer and programmer of ARRIBA.

This gives the prompt for my next question. With an increasing frequency one reads the name ARRIBA in the OpenSim community. This is a fork and a "unbugged" Version of and based on the OpenSim 0.8.x software. Your Grid is in use of this software as well. Why did you decide to run this software ?

First of all I checked regions on "Dorenas Grid", because her grid was and still is running on this software entirely. And I was very confident about the performance.
Very fast teleports without any errors, very good and quick script performance.
On a region running ARRIBA by LyAvain Swansong I experienced how quick cars could be. They had to be re-programmed to make them drivable and steerable again.
All this made me curious. And so I learned to know Freaky Tech, an open minded, helpful and friendly guy.
He cleared up last doubts and I started the migration.
Setting up the grid and to convert the region lasted about an afternoon. This amount of time might cause in the reason, that I haven't had a grid so far and technical requirements were needed before, as for example automatic IP detection.
My whole inWorld Life changed deeply to the better in only one afternoon.

What are the advantages for the "Weltraumbahnhof" using the ARRIBA software ?

The most significant use of the "Weltraumbahnhof" is, that the people want to leave it as quick as possible. So teleports are the most important and with the ARRIBA software extremly quick. I repeat myself, saying, the teleports with the ARRIBA software within the Hypergrid are the fastest, I have experienced so far.
In Metropolis the placement of Media-on-a-Prim Boards, showing web-contents is obviously limited, so that I was not able to place the needed amount of boards (Eventlists, Groupinformations or Forums) on the "Bahnhof".
This problem is history since I use ARRIBA. On first floor of the "Weltraumbahnhof" one will find a filled Info platform now.
All teleporters have changed. Freaky Tech programmed a new type of teleporter, which not only is faster than the old ones but runs parallel teleports as well.
Several people can use the teleporter simutaneously, without waiting on a new connection build up. This accelerates group travel a lot.
But the most important for me is, that I can check the functionality of all teleporters at once. This saves me a big amount of time and work.
There is a switch which tests on the existence of all regions, being a teleport destination, at the same time. The teleporters change colors due to their status. Red means I have to take care about. If they show green and change to white, everything is okay.
A tremendous advantage for me to check on the functionality.
In former times this check needed 3 - 4 days by 2 persons. I mean real working days with usual working hours, not only the evening hours. Today this is done in about 10 sec's.

Asking for the advantages it is fair to ask for the disadvantages ?

Of course there are disadvantage. As with everything, ARRIBA has its two sides.
First there have been changes in the Hypergrid protocol between the OS software version 0.7.6 and 0.8.x (not only for the Arriba software). This might result in problems, that a 0.7.6 version can't be reached. It might but does not have to be. This phenomena will disappear when all regions will be updated to version 0.8.x or ARRIBA.
Next the ARRIBA simulator is so fast, that driving scripts have to be re-programmed, cause the vehicles are, due to its speed, not steerable anymore.
This shows the new possibilities of prim moving scripts. Elevators and boats which run on given paths are moving without any jerk.
Another disadvantage may be, that it is not necessary anymore to make any rebake (haha). As we get used to it to make 3 - 5 rebakes after a teleport, now you arrive and you are complete.
In deed, the tremendous increased performance of the ARRIBA fork, gives events the possibility to be realized with 50 and more people on a region with no problem, proofed on the Close Encounter region and club under the technical responsibility of Akira Sonoda.

End of Part 1. More interesting details on the new "Weltraumbahnhof" to come on tomorrow's part 2

Soloton Region Weltraumbahnhof 

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