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Shopping: Selea's World (Halloween Freebies)

Somewhere in the loneliness of the big Hyperocean is a small artificial flat island surrounded by a few rocks, which tops reach out the water. The island is shaped like the letter H with Teleporters on the verticals and it is called "Selea's World" by Selea Core

On the Northern Vertical, one will find Teleporters to some popular Grids withing the Hyperverse, while on the Southern, the destinations are within Selea's Grid.

And there are many:
- Magica Fantasy, Category Freebies
- Aqua Fantasia, Category Freebies
- Blue Dream, Category Touristic
- Elf Art Gallery, Category Freebies
- Houses
- Landscaping - Botanical, Category Freebies
- Landscaping - Decorations, Category Freebies
- Mini Mall - Category Freebies

And right on the middle part of the island, one will find two boards one for information and one for a welcome. Beside those there is a special Teleporter to the "Halloween Freebies", which has been my first choice.

Off it goes, and I landed in a dark ambient region, next beside a cemetry, where bats draw their circles and old tombstones stands in the dark.

And on the region "Halloween Freebies" one will find many fine ready built scenes or objects to be taken as full perm and to be used in your own Halloween decorations. Like Graveyard Scenes

A Mausoleum and the obligatory pumpkins,

spiderwebs of all sorts and sizes, nice little coffin scenes and a few tombstones, really just a few.

A scene with "Tom" the spider (I am not sure if his name is Tom but he reminds me a Tom Spyder......somehow......Sorry Tom, if you read this), corn plants, wreathes and dark bushes,

dark living and dead trees, campfire scenes and some ground leave covers.

All kinds of smaller decorative sceneries and ground candles.

Looking for some nice pets ? Here they are.

There is much more than the pictures of this article will show. And it is worth a visit, if you are looking for some well done Halloween decorations or for items you need to set up a dark scenery.
All objects are fullperm and free to take.
Well my intention was to give an overview about "Selea's World" in a whole but now I got stucked with the fantastic Halloween region. Excuse me, but I promise, there is much more to come on "Selea's World".

Selea's World Region Halloween Freebies Freebies

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