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Arriba Weltraumbahnhof (Part 2 english)

So let's continue the interview with Spike Sol and the "Weltraumbahnhof"

Back to the "Weltraumbahnhof". You have changed the technical base of the "Weltraumbahnhof" but what about the concept of the location?

Technical seen, you are right, but I stayed with the established structure, with the extension to the whole Hypergrid.
The section "Freizeit und Leisure" disappeared. It moved me a bit to do, because it covered some real "Gemstones". People put a lot of effort in the builds, but it may not be of interest as a destination.
Travelers look for Freebies, Freebies and again in line of interest are Sandboxes and free land.
And after the shopping and the unpacking, the question is asked: Where is the party ?
Lots of visitors to the "Weltraumbahnhof" are coming from Second Life and that is the way they know it. This is okay and I try to extend my offers in this way.
Other destination are selected not that much, but I leave those.

Your teleport destinations are divided in categories. Would you explain, what one can find in the categories in general, without naming the certain destinations ?

Beside Party, Freebie and free land, Roleplay and Art exhibitions are important.
For example Hypergrid travel groups have developed. One of the well known is "The Hypergrid Safari" by Thirza Ember, which tour the Hypergrid regularly every Wednesday. Everybody can join in on the travels. For more information see the "Facebook Group Hypergrid Safari".
Two more sections have been added. One is the "Teleport-Center". There is no need to have teleports to teleport destination others already have. It's not only me, having had the same idea, although with the functionality and information on my Teleporters, I think, I am on a high level. With this in mind, I try to be kind of a main station for other teleport centers.
A more experimental new section is the "Herbertstrasse"
(Wiki: The Herbertstraße (formerly Heinrichstraße) is a street in Hamburg's St. Pauli district. The narrow, short street is notorious for its prostitution (about 250 women work here), with the prostitutes sitting in windows and waiting for customers.)
So this section will teleport you to the adult sex regions within the Hyperverse.
I was asked several times for those destinations and so I will give it a try. I am not a moralizer but offer a travel service and if it shows up to come in handy, I will keep it. Otherwise it will be removed again. The future will show.

Knowing that the fluctuation of regions within the Hypergrid is of a great number, how do you manage to keep your Teleporters up to date and how do you get informed about new interesting regions?

A permanent check on the destinations is impossible, cause it would take up too many resources. But the Teleporters will be checked a few times a week, which happens very quick and automatically, due to Freaky's development.
But this is only the technical check. Especially on Home Servers I observe the destinations very close. The chance of failures is possible in many ways and needs to be checked by using man power. But most of the destinations I connect are very reliable and of quality.
Every teleport destination is hand picked. One might not like what I have chosen in one or the other way, that of course is a matter of my own taste, but all the destinations are of quality.
It also may happen, that I have to take back Teleporters due to the lack of interest of the travelers. It hurts me sometimes to do so, but if there is no need, well.......
I'll get my new destinations by reading region lists, follow travel reports of other travelers as for instance "The Hyperzette" by zaphod Enoch or the "Hypergrid Safari" by Thirza Amber or others traveling the Hyperverse. For this, one has to stay curious and always looking at the hot spots.

Do you have an overview about the number of teleport destinations of the "Weltraumbahnhof"

At the moment there are 73 Teleporters. After the move and the new concept, to concentrate more on the whole Hypergrid, many got deleted. At the max. the "Weltraumbahnhof" held 156 Teleporters, but that may develop again.
I'll take my time to find the "Gemstones" within the Hypergrid.
It's not the amount, that is of interest, but the quality and the description of the regions.
It saves time for the travelers to read about the region in advance. This is not offered anywhere else.

What else, beside the "Weltraumbahnhof", one can experience on the Grid ?

While you are asking......yes there is something, well, will be soon. My newest project is called "STOA II" and is dealing with the Space in real and science oriented.
I have prepared 108 themes and elaborated in a book of 1118 pages.
The list of sources is done and the graphics are ready to set up on a region. The 9 regions are ready, each consider 12 topics.
The idea of having Podcasts on the regions, which saves the readings, is ready as well.
At the moment, I am figuring out an opening date, This is not as easy, because I have to consider some factors, which are out of my influence. I hope to realize the opening before the end of the year. Of course infos will be published as soon as possible.
Just to give a few examples, what to expect:
The universe, black holes, but we also will explain how the fluorine gets into the toothpaste, cause the fluorine is "bred" in the stars.
We may answer the question, if it is good to build a house on Mallorca, due to the earth plate tectonics.
My personal favorite is the question for Radosophie, a more humoristic topic.
All in all, I think we will be engaged in this project for about 2 years.

What are the plans tor the future of the "Weltraumbahnhof" and the ones of Spike Sol ?

Because I am curious, the "Weltraumbahnhof" will fill up with new destinations almost by its own over the time, cause I am always underway.
The ARRIBA fork is a big theme and I am trying to find a way of helping and to make it more popular. There are already ideas about it and we will meet in a group late this year to check the realization and discuss a concept, which we want to present in spring next year.
At the time, many things change and more and more people open up their Mini Grids, experienced, that the big Grids get more and more problems handling the immense amount of data.
For my opinion the small Mini Grids are on their way up, whilst the big ones will cease or downsize.
A lot of people I talked with are very surprised to get the knowledge of how easy it is to set up an own Grid. Especially the Second Life refugees. This is the point, we will catch in. Much more information has to be given on this point.
I am very confident on the future of the ARRIBA Software. The feedback on this fork is without any confinement very positive.
So the "Weltraumbahnhof" will develop, ARRIBA will develop and spread, "STOA II" will develop in the next two years and other ideas will be realized in this time period as well.
And with ARRIBA working in the background as a 'humbling servant', one has the time to take care about the own ideas.

Thank you Spike for answering our question.

Interviewpartner: Spike Sol
For the "Hyperzette" and translation: zaphod Enoch

Soloton Region Weltraumbahnhof

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