Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014

Art and Destination: Terra-Mater La Collection

After I have visited "Red Riding Hood and the Wolf" on the "Terra-Mater" Region by owner and artist Cherry Manga on FrancoGrid, I jumped back into the weather inferno of the basement to teleport to the "La Collection" area.

One arrives in a grey color grunge looking room of dark ambiente. Next beside, you will find a very surrealistic installation. And fishes float over the wall, while "Jester" figurines stuck at the wall.

As always it is very difficult to put in words what Cherry presents to her audience. Even the pictures can't give the atmosphere one feels when being at the location. So the best is to give some impressions here, but to feel the mood just visit this extraordinary place of art.

Tipping my hat to one of the best surrealistc artist in virtual worlds 
Cherry Manga.

Franco Grid Region Terra-Mater TP La Collection

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