Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2014

Art: Aire

A little note on Spike Sol's Facebook group about a Grid he found, caught my interest and I went to the "Weltraumbahnhof" on his grid to find his new Teleporter to Aire in the art section of his Teleport center.
Seconds after I stepped through the gate, I found myself on a white platform with a big red blue wing type installation covering most of the platform. In the vicinity other installation are to be seen.

The name of the creator of the installation is Artistide Despres and the owner Marc Moana.
On one side of the platform a figurine carries a big orange box prim on its back.....

...while on the other one can see an odd three wheeler.

I am not sure about the sense of the radios. I couldn't either hear a stream, nor sound, nor media. And clicking on the picture above it, teleported me to a place I did not want to go yet. ;-)

After I found my way back to the platform I investigated a gate leading under the water surface and labeled "aire mille flux art freebie store"

Following the gangway one will end up in a small underwater room with some freebies to copy/take. But before you start packing your inventory you should click on the info box in the middle of the room. This will give you the URL of the Aire Mille Flux Webside, section freebie store.

There you will get a lot of information about the Aire Mille Flux project in French and some in English. I just copy one, I think, of the important notes about the freebies:
'Play with the original creations of artists, wear them, edit and customize, and share them with your turn!
This is what offers the Art Store Freebies, heart of the collaborative spirit of the project. Located on the Space Sim City, the first floor you will find many, objects or avatars, … Each artist can give the rights he wants on its creation in 3 options: copy – modify – transfer. corresponding to some creative commons license. But beware some of these rights are valid only on the platform AIRE Mille Flux. Read the instructions accompanying each freebies. If in doubt, contact us online or by mail.
See also Art Freebies in connection with the exhibitions and events.'
And here a little picture collection of what one can get. This is not the complete selection ;-) Best is to see by yourself.

As being a foreigner for the Grid, I tested the purchase and they worked !
On the eastern border of the platform one will find all kinds of info boards. One advice I want to give is to click first on the little blue info switches on the right bottom corner before you click on the boards.
Some of those are teleporters and you will be away faster than you want. Somehow the little sound switches on the left upper corner of some boards did not work for me.
On the ground you will find a region map of Aire mille flux laid out as teleporters

I guess that all those boards may teleport one to some exhibitions and I am excited to where those will teleport me. But for now it's time to find some sleep, writing this review it is 04 o'clock in the morning my local time. So please excuse me.

Aire Mille Flux Region Aire

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