Freitag, 17. Oktober 2014

Destination: Nachtholm

Leaving "Alsorna" behind, I reached the gate to "Nachtholm" on the Ignis Fatuus Grid, which is build as a fantastic, cathedral like, construction.

To the left of the gate is a room which reminds one to King Arthur's Round Panel.

To the right is a big hall containing an organ, seats for the audience and seats for a small chamber orchestra. Circular stairs in the corners of the room will bring you to the upper balcony, from where you have a look down to the event area. And you should have a look to the ceiling.

Getting out of the building, one will face a bigger square and stairs will lead out of the area deeper into the region of "Nachtholm". In the back of the building, there is another stairway to get underneath the building but you don't have to be hydrophobic.
Shouldn't have used it because it is a maze in which I got totally lost.

To be honest, not totally lost, almost because I found some steps to................., but see yourself

Finding the way out of those scary walls, I wandered into Northern direction, when I reached a chapel next beside a mysterious looking tree. The chapel is empty and unfurnished.

Also one will find a round tree formation in the nearness, circled around an old stone pillar with an unknown construction on top of it.

It's a weird region anyway with some odd inhabitants.

So better I will leave to "Coorhagen" to the East.

Ignis Fatuus Region Nachtholm

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