Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

Destination: Alsorna

And if you think about picking mushrooms on "Alsorna" region on the Ignis Fatuus Grid, you better take a big basket because those shrooms are of giant size.

Beside those giant shrooms on will face strange plants and flowers and all in all the elfish look of "Valtheim" continues on this region.

The picture of an elfish settlement strengthened with the buildings of strange architecture, which are spread over the whole region, compact round buildings with mushroom head like roofs.

But one of the most impressive object on the region is the very tall beanstalk which leads to the "Chateau Alsorna". A good thing is, the teleporter on the base of the stalk, so one has not to climb all the way up.

Using the teleport you will arrive in a round hall with 8 living room suites about 400 m above ground. On the walls one will find two  teleporters, one back to the base and the other to the second level of the sky building.


After my excursion into the sky of "Alsorna" I teleported back to ground and walked the surroundings. An eye into the sky will show you some odd air vehicles and zeppelins

I headed further north and the mushrooms get less and disappear when I reach the town walls of "Nachtholm".

Ignis Fatuus Region Alsorna

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