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Destination: Virunga (Rosamond Carr)

"Virunga" a region on the Grid "Outworldz" by Ferd Frederix and up to now, home of the Gorillas and in memory of Dian Fossey, who saved the mountain gorillas from man, for mankind (the Hyperzette reported in an article August 12th, 2014), has extended.

Where once the world ended to the East behind the small travelers lodges on the mountain top, a new area has grown. A small posting in the HG Safari Facebook Group by Ferd was reason enough to revisit the area again.

'*Rosamond Carr* (1912-2006) was an American humanitarian who started an orphanage in a flower shed - when she was 82. She lived in Mugongo, her flower farm in the shadow of the Virunga Volcanos in Africa. She was forced to flee when the genocide in Rwanda began. When it was over she founded the Imbabazi Orphanage in her flower sheds. She never had any children. But she said in 1985, “Today at the age of 85, I am blessed with 72". Over 400 orphan children have since been raised there. She was also mentioned in *Gorillas in the Mist*, starring Sigourney Weaver, with her character in that film played by Julie Harris.
So why am I telling you this? Debbie Edwards and I have spent months making a scale model of her house - as best we can - by scouring the web for old pictures, and Debbie is finally filling in the formal English gardens'

When I passed by the table mountain on the Northern side, I reached a road which ends at a river with a drawbridge crossing it and open every so often to let a small vessel passing. To the South on this side of the river, a savanna spreads out with zebras and a rhino running around. In the far back one can see a cottage which I headed to. Reaching the house it came out to be a beach cottage at a lake's shore.

I went back to the bridge, crossed it and walked further to some other buildings, one can see from the bridge. After a short walk I stood in front of the gate to the English Garden of Rosamund Carr. One more word to the garden:
If you would like to contribute a flower or a plant, please send it to Nyira Machabelli in Opensim, aka, Debbie. They would love to add your name as a contributor, too!

I crossed th garden and entered the house, which is build at the Eastern end of the garden area.

The house itself is sparsely filled with furniture so far.

And in the back it seems to become a kitchen garden, but I don't know.

From the garden one reaches a small jetty at the lake

Walking to the Southeastern direction in a short distance, one arrives at an airfield with an old DC-3

Virunga Mountains a region build in memory of Dian Fossey and Rosamond Carr, two extraordinary women, who spent their lifes for her ideas in a social engagement for a better world.
And its Debbie Edwards and Fred Beckhusen, who set both a lovely and exciting memorial in the Virtual Worlds.

Tipping my hat to Debbie aka Nyira Machabelli and Fred aka Ferd Frederix.

For more information on Rosamond Carr see:
For more information on Dian Fossey see:

Outworldz Region Virunga

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