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Shopping: Riverford

The wooden houses on the pier look like they are waiting to be rented and being shops. At the moment almost all are empty. Maybe a chance for a trader to get some space to sell her or his products ?
Now you want to know where I am. I am standing on the region "Riverford", signed out as a Shopping Centre on Craft World Grid. Looking in the info of the region, the person in charge is Tao Quan and it is written that there are shops to rent, free of charge.

And there are still many empty shops to be rented but some, mainly in the western complex are already given. That will be the destination I am heading to.

The first shop which comes in sight is called the "General Store" of Louis Servita.

On the ground level of the building you can purchase (for 0 Currency) antique looking radio receivers. At the upper level you find window curtains, rugs, stage draps and a small selection of textures.

Next beside, Jos Joszpe designs offers a Walk_thru_Teleport_System, an Airbubble, A Cliffhanger Houseand and other buildings. On the upper floor one finds a small collection of seating furnitures. All are freebies.
The next shop is only to be identifed by its heart shaped tree logo but a right click on the figurines and the seaters (one can get for free), show magaaltea 50sfumature as selling owner.

On my way further, I passed the Uptown Square with modern buildings and many space for new shops.

But let me continue on my walk through the shopping mall.
The last shop on this end of the mall is the "Home Speciale Tappeti" by Terry Bond, with rugs and carpets to get for free on two levels.

The shops are arranged that you can walk thru and reach the middle passageway of the mall. And opposite to the shops, I just described, you find another row of stores starting with an unlabeled shop. Here the Ladies will find some nice dresses and shoes on both levels for a 50% sales price of 0 Whatsoever$

The next two salesrooms are empty before you reach Babara68 Resident's "The Tattoo Shop" with........ yes....tattoos.
Body and Face tattoos for both genders in different forms and colors.

This will finish the shops in the mall of the western part of the region

At the northern end of the mall is a flat glas building with two more salesroom, where the left is empty but the right one holds a lot of useful scripts you may looking for. Some of the scripts seem to be full perm, not all, but given for free and offered by Francesco Siciliano.

That's it for the shopping possibilities on "Riverford" for the time being, but I am sure this center will develop in the future. Give it a look you might find what you have looked for may it be the products or a space to offer the own goodies.

Craft World Grid, Region Riverford

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