Freitag, 16. Januar 2015

Destination and Freebies: The Spirit of Arcadia 7 and 8

There is not much to say about the region "The Spirit of Arcadia 7", "Festering Cesspools of Greed and Corruption" the Sanctuary Grid. Two pics will say it all:

But take your time to read the poem which is only visible from up in the air

"Babylon" by Oshi Shikigami.
After this short visit I headed to the number 8 region which is called "La Bodega". And as it looks like, this is the treasure storage of all the goodies presented on all "The Spirit of Arcadia" Regions. At least thats, it what the big board is saying, you will land on.

With that knowledge, I started my tour on the "La Bodega" region.
In addition you will find goodies donated by Crystal Brewton, Avia Bonne, Nara Mistwood Malone, Fred Huffins. (Apologies if I have missed one).

And what to see at "Nemo's Underwater Lab", just have a little patience. The review will be given in a few days. Time to visit and collect some items at "La Bodega". It pays, even so you not have to spend a dime.

Sanctuary Grid, Region The Spirit of Arcadia 7 + 8 spirit of arcadia 7 spirit of arcadia 8

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