Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

Destination: Transgenia

Once upon a time a WebSide existed, where one could download all those mind bending fantasy objects for free. I can't remember the URL and do not know if it still exists.
And then I read the name again, where those objects belong to: "Transgenia" on Kitely Grid. But if you think you could get any of the objects there, which had been free for everybody will be disappointed. Only Kitely residents are able to take what I will show you in a short. Unfortunately the unset or wrong set Exportflag will hinder any foreigner to take something.
Bummer !
Anyway, Daniel Hoffman did a fantastic job in building the region "Transgenia" on the Kitely Grid. And to prove that I will take you around on my journey on this piece of virtual land.

But what is Transgenia about ? That is what the profile in the kitely region showcase says:
'A world in flux, Transgenia is evolving slowly after its discovery by an ill-fated research expedition.  Arriving, they found a simple world, covered only in oceans, low land masses, and what looks to be bright green algae.

As soon as they began interacting with the eco-system, however... it began to change. It took DNA from them, from their plants and animals, and incorporated it into itself, evolving, mutating, becoming more complex.

And it also changed the colonists one by one, until they disappeared.

Only one is left... and he is not human.'

With all that said, there is not much left for me to tell. So lean back and see some impressions of this incredible world, which is build on three levels. To get there you have to find the appropriate teleporters or transport possibilities on the ground. By the way I survived the visit and came back home save.

For the rest to see, you have to go there, and there is a lot to see. Have a nice Transgenia Day

Kitely Grid, Region Transgenia

2 Kommentare:

  1. Hello! This is Daniel Hoffman! Thank you so much for the write-up! I plan to change the permission settings on all the items in Transgenia to Export! I set up the region before Export was a setting on Kitely and just never remembered to change to Export. Again, thanks for the write-up...and the reminder to do that!

    - Daniel H.

  2. FYI, most of the items on Transgenia now should be Copy/Mod/Transfer, which SHOULD mean you can also Export them. Feel free to come by and try! I started on the ground level and am working my way into the skyboxes, and will also be doing the same for my other region, Castle on the Hill. :)