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Destination & Education: NOVA

A few weeks I have visited the VIBE Grid the first time and reported about the region "Showcase". Unfortunately I made a mistake when saying it was a Swedish grid and got an comment from Stephen Gasior, who gave the right information about the grid:
' It's not a swedish grid. We are (mostly) college academics with the actual computer hosts at Northerm Michigan University.......A little information about us although admittedly under construction:

Also I like to mention that Shadowcase is an .oar, "The Underworld" region made by Avia Bonne and Kathje Kittaj. The .oar file can be downloaded for free at the website of Minethere Always
under the name "Tomb-Raider.oar".

With this additions I hope to have set things clearer. I have to apologize for any misunderstandings and faulty reports.

This time at VIBE my aim is to visit NOVA, a region made by Nova Saunders.
She belongs to the VIBE Team and on the VIBE website she is introduced as "Nova Archaeology Gridmaster".
(For more information see:

When you arrive at NOVA you land on a nicely build place with four information boards in front of you.
The VIBE Board will bring you to a central area within the grid, with teleporters to all the regions covered by the grid. A touch on the board will send you off immediately, if you want to stay on NOVA, don't touch it.

The next to the left side gives credits to the involved people in the creation of NOVA .

The next board to the left shows you the area covered by NOVA and the regions' names. It is teleport enabled, so a click on the region will start to move your pixels to the region.

And the last board is another informational board with books in front, giving out a Notecard, when being clicked upon. There you can read a bit about the Why's, the How's and the Who's of the project.
Plus you see Nova Saunders in her real appearance as Marion Smelzer.

Packed with all that information, I started my way to the building in my back, which came out to be an E-Learning Center.
(The Christmas decoration one can see on the pic is due to the fact that I visited the region during the holiday season)

Inside the building you have a lot to read on boards, about how an Archaeologists has to investigate and what he has to consider in her/his project. About tools she/he used and how geolocial formations are important and much more. It will give a rough overview about the work of an archaeologist. Take yourself some time and read it before you continue to explore.

Leaving this building, I headed to another bungalow close by.
Seems to be kind of a meeting and/or conference building with seating groups. On the walls one can see some photos of archaeologists at work.

Being in the northeastern corner of the region I started my way towards South, curious of what to see next.
First I cam to a point where you can change the look of your avatar. I feel well with the one I have since 2007 so I left that point out ;-)

To the right of the E-Learning Center you will find arrows on the ground you can follow.

On the way you will pass a pier with a sign saying "Underwater Archaeology". I walked on it and than through a tunnel under the watersurface. Down there you have a view onto a wreck of a ship and answers will be given to the question: "Why is Archaeology Important ?".

Here I will end my first part of the story about NOVA with the promise that there is much more to come.
With more and more educational regions are set up in the Open Sim virtual worlds the "Hyperzette" will open the new section "Education", which I hope will be as interesting as the other sections.

VIBE Grid, Region NOVA

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