Sonntag, 4. Januar 2015

Destination: Hugel Atem

"Hugel Atem" is another fantastic region build by the creative French team of Ignis Fatuus Grid.

Three artificial islands are build in a laguna, each is holding a building. The one in the South is a wind mill which I visited first. We are on Ignis Fatuus, that is, a windmill does look a bit different to the ones we know.

And it is always fantastic to see the textures used by the builders.

My next stop is the tower building in the middle of the region.

Ghostly lions guard the main entrance.

In the middle of one of the cylindric halls, one will find a hyperverse teleporter and on one of the columns at the walls there is a teleporter to the different levels of the building.

I decided to go from top to bottom and chose number 3. That brings you to the top platform of the highest of the three towers with a fantastic view over the region.

Number 2 send you in a bigger hall on mid level, where in the middle you can take a bath in a nice designed pool.

Number one is another hall above the entrance and choosing zero send you back to ground.
The last big building on "Hugel Atem" carries a big clock and in front on the base platform you will find a time machine. If you use it do not be surprised when being transported to.......?

There is much more to explore on this region and on the adjacent regions called "Mer ..." but I will leave it up to you to travel Ignis Fatuus fantasy grid.
With this report I will finish the series about the fantasy world of Ignis Fatuus which is always a joy and source of inspiration.
But there is one more region on the grid that is a must to be reviewed. You will read about it in the next story about this grid, always worth a visit.
So far I will tip my hat to all of the Ignis Fatuus crew.

Ignis Fatuus Grid, Region Hugel Atem atem

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