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Destination: Creanovale Part 2

After my first posting about the Creanovale Grid, Dabici Straulino wrote me little note about the grid and the objects you will find on it. It is important to be mentioned and so the "Hyperzette" will publish it:
This brought me to some urgent things though. Our 2 SIMS were on OSGRID before.  When the grid crashed in August, I did not have any recent OARs or IARs,
After 2 months waiting for OSgrid to come back, we decided to move to the status of having our own private grid - starting with what our hosting provider could recover from our 2 SIMS using his Cache.
A large proportion of the SIM state were recover, we do not have access to assets though, even for my own creations. Everything that is kept in assets, eg. materials (textures), information on creators, last owners and owner, and perms settings of those objects recoverd from Cache may have wrong settings or wrong credits
Since we have Creanovale, I try to recapture the original versions and did replace already some of the items, many though came from OSGrid regions or from places I can't remember.
I do believe in the need to respect creators and also their creations.'

So, if you may find objects with wrong labels, Dabici would appreciated to be informed about it to set things right.
Thank You

Remember, the last time I was on Creanovale Grid, I had to end my story on the top floor of a building. And that is where I will start the second part of the story. So lets get back to the spot.

The top floor is the welcome area and tries to give an answer to the question "What is Creativity ?"
A board with a slide show presentation may give some answers, but can produce the base of discussion or lead to new questions.
I like the sentence Piirto said in 2004 and can be read on one of the slides:

'Creativity is fashionable these days. Everyone uses the word. Yet creativity is confusing.' 

And don't forget to click on the "Light of Creativity" in the back and read the public chat.

A teleporter to the right of the board will bring you down to the next floor, which is empty for the moment. Dabici told me on some earlier visits, Creanovale is under heavy constructions and one of the aims is to set up a Communication Center for Creative People ( I hope I got that right now, don't want to know about Dabici's creativity, if she is mad at me ;-)).
From this floor a circular stairway brings one down to the next lower floors, which are still waiting to be filled. So it is just the top floor yet, which gives some info.
From this building, I went across the square to the next building passing a big board with a note to creators written in English and French, which states contentual what you can read in the quote I have published at the beginning.

The building, I am heading towards, is the "Rhodes Creativity Factory" founded in 1961.
I assume that this building is a replica of a real building, due to the fact of the date of the founding.
Some colored spheres, I could see through the big windows, arouse my attention and I went in.

The spheres are part of an installation, one can explore the Rhodes 4 P's of Creativity, which are Press (Climate or Environment), Person, Process, Product. A teleporter in front will send you into the first of the blue, red and green colored spheres. In there you find a lounge chair to relax, a side table with a night light and a teleporter to the next sphere. There is not much more then to relax, at least I did not find anything else one can do there.

Being back on the floor of the factory hall, I set my attention to the opposite wall. There you will find a diagram structure build in steampunk style, showing you the interconnection within an organizational culture and climate.
Without a description of what you see there, a layman like me is lost. Lots of boxes with catchphrases and interconnections don't give me a clue.
But the interested will find a hint in the lower right corner, where a label says that this is build from a climate model, described in Isaksen, Dorval and Trefflinger in 2011.
I google the names and found "The History of Creative Problem Solving" and "Creative approaches to problem solving". You got the idea now

Puh, some heavy load inside this building and I left back to the square to take a little breather. When I got my breath back, I took the city street to the other buildings which most are waiting on their interior at the moment.

Crossing another weir at a channel I arrived in a new quarter of the village, build in an old industrial style. And for sure it kept my interest.

Inside a side building on the ground floor one will find a Billard Cafe with a seating, an old musicbox and an even so old coffee percolator. But the main piece of interior is the big pool table.The gentleman in side is too much in the game so not very communicative at all.

A chair close to the window will bring you up on the first floor into an office. I like the note board where you can leave small notes by clicking on the paper pad blocks, write a note, than click on the board and it sticks onto it. There are already some "To do" stickers on the board. And that is the moment to introduce Dabici's partner Kelso Uxlay, who is the creator and scripter of the board and as involved in Creanovale as Dabici herself.

On this visit I have found lots of information and interesting places, though this part of Creanovale is still under construction. I am very excited to see the development of it. Anyway if you think that this would be it on my review you are mistaken.
I will show you more of this in my next part of the review about "Creanovale".

Creanovale Grid, Region Crea Areas Rhodes Creativity Factory and Bistro Pool Lounge

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